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Tabula 144 (Unquadquadium) - Friday 1st July 2016

Tabula 144 (Unquadquadium) was released on Friday Ist July 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • System now checks timetable clashes (related with small groups only) when you allocate students to a group or when Student self signs up. A message displayed by the system if any student has possible clashes.
  • Attendance list is sorted now alphabetically by surname, then first name, then ID
  • Some UI improvements to department notification screen.
  • Missed/attended monitoring point message (SGT record attendance option) was clickable which user couldn't notice before but now this is noticable.

Technical release notes:

New Feature

  • [TAB-3814] - Sort attendance lists alphabetically by surname, then first name, then ID in vertical alignment


  • [TAB-4386] - Restrict disability status to staff in a related department or relationship agents


  • [TAB-3381] - UI changes to dept notifications screen
  • [TAB-4134] - Allocation Clash Check
  • [TAB-4234] - HTML tag used for Auto missed/attended monitoring point message