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Tabula 177 (Unseptseptium) - Friday 17th March 2017

Tabula 177 (Unseptseptium) was released on Friday 17th March 2017. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • It is now possible to download a printable version (PDF) of a departmental calendar or timetable.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a meeting without an end time.
  • When generating an exam grid for a sub-department you now see a list of the sub-departments courses.

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-4949] - Printable departmental calendar
  • [TAB-4950] - Printable departmental timetable


  • [TAB-4814] - Create assignment options tab
  • [TAB-4815] - Create assignment review tab
  • [TAB-4951] - Implement CM2 Workflow new model and Dao/Service Layers


  • [TAB-4943] - NPE creating scheduled meeting notifications
  • [TAB-4954] - Grids course picker, sub-depts dont get a courses list in the drop down.


  • [TAB-3652] - Migrate Attendance component

New Feature


  • [TAB-3745] - Migrate Web component new UI tweaks
  • [TAB-4912] - Migrate Attendance Manage section
  • [TAB-4937] - Update ID7
  • [TAB-4948] - Stop converting to and from UNIX timestamps when showing timetables