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Tabula 182 (Unoctbium) - Friday 2nd June 2017

Tabula 182 (Unoctbium) was released on Friday 2nd June 2017. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • A bug that occasionally saw rich text not work in feedback has been fixed
  • Exam grids no longer show student names

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-5126] - Submission details - Summary view


  • [TAB-4464] - Seen second marker workflow type
  • [TAB-5007] - Download submission feedback
  • [TAB-5008] - Upload feedback to SITS
  • [TAB-5011] - Adjust marks/grade/feedback for Assignment Submissions
  • [TAB-5013] - Proxy as marker / Marking assignment submissions/ Adding online feedback
  • [TAB-5014] - Download Marker Feedback for Individual students
  • [TAB-5015] - Add Generic Feedback
  • [TAB-5017] - Release/Return selected submissions to markers
  • [TAB-5021] - Download feedback as Marker
  • [TAB-5023] - Proxy as Moderator
  • [TAB-5029] - Submission details - Tabular view
  • [TAB-5133] - Upload feedback files as Admin (non workflow based assignments)


  • [TAB-5110] - Markdown does not render in feedback summary
  • [TAB-5119] - Exceptions rendering freemarker generating notifications
  • [TAB-5127] - CM2: Link to SITS/unlink to SITS is flaky on assignment creation/editing
  • [TAB-5129] - Freemarker error on CM2 submission page when permission denied
  • [TAB-5134] - Freemarker error causing further issue as part of scheduler notification
  • [TAB-5135] - Create reusable marking workflow throws FreeMarker template error
  • [TAB-5136] - Create new assignment manually throws Freemarker template error
  • [TAB-5137] - Changes made to single-use workflows not persisted when editing an assignment
  • [TAB-5138] - Error when creating assignments from SITS
  • [TAB-5139] - Unable to progress from 'Students' to 'Markers' section when creating or editing assignment
  • [TAB-5143] - CM2 - Assignment in action required but no action possible (as closed)
  • [TAB-5144] - Users without permission should not be able to view Extension Managers' extensions screen
  • [TAB-5145] - Footer misbehaving on manage extension page
  • [TAB-5146] - Delete submission returns page not found
  • [TAB-5147] - Manage extensions link only appears if students can request extensions
  • [TAB-5148] - Progress bar on feedback report status screen does not complete
  • [TAB-5149] - Save and Exit button not working
  • [TAB-5150] - Marker cannot see the marking page for the assignment that he has to mark
  • [TAB-5151] - Cannot grant an extension
  • [TAB-5152] - CM2 Can't save markers or marking workflows to an existing assignment
  • [TAB-5153] - Proxy button on Submissions and Feedback page takes you to wrong location
  • [TAB-5154] - Unable to mark submission
  • [TAB-5157] - Publish feedback returns page not found
  • [TAB-5159] - CM2 - Deleting assignment can't now access module.
  • [TAB-5160] - 'feedback-downloaded' column in submissions export has incorrect data
  • [TAB-5161] - Filter to view students who have downloaded feedback
  • [TAB-5165] - Mark button missing on marker's home page > Assignments for marking
  • [TAB-5167] - Error when downloading spreadsheet from Exam Grids


  • [TAB-5004] - Assignment allow admins to publish selected feedback
  • [TAB-5111] - Assignment submissions page


  • [TAB-5101] - Student landing page - include an 'upcoming' section
  • [TAB-5120] - Remove ability to have names on exam grids
  • [TAB-5128] - CM2 homepage - only scope "completed" by academic year for markers and students
  • [TAB-5155] - Text changes - Workflow type names in create/edit assignment > assignment details
  • [TAB-5164] - Remove small font size for consistency & to reduce visual clutter


  • [TAB-4322] - Uploading generic feedback for coursework if there is no marking workflow set