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Tabula 193 - (Unentrium) - Wednesday 6th September 2017

We released Tabula 193 (Unentrium) on Wednesday 6th September 2017. Tabula will now send an email report of all manually added students in assignments and small group sets to departmental administrators and the Exams Office approximately once a fortnight.

Bug fixes include:

  • Allocating markers via spreadsheet for double blind marking workflows.
  • Saving an assignment's details no longer swaps marker roles (which led to problems when allocating markers).
  • Due date filter on the departmental coursework home page.

Technical release notes


  • TAB-5452 - Replace marker reusable workflow test plan


  • TAB-5520 - Problem allocating markers via spreadsheet for double blind marking workflows
  • TAB-5523 - NPE when viewing assignment
  • TAB-5524 - NPE as part of due date filter on admin assignment
  • TAB-5525 - Saving assignment details swaps marker roles - which leads to problems on the allocate marker screen


  • TAB-5488 - Email digest of all manually added students
  • TAB-5518 - Text changes - department setting 'Show student name with submission' and per-assignment 'Anonymity' setting