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Tabula 195 - (Unenpentium) - Mon 25th September 2017

We released Tabula 195 (Unenpentium) on Monday 25th September 2017. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Text amended for 'Link to SITS' so that help text message is clear to users. (Reusable small groups Students/ Add students to monitoring scheme)
  • Turnitin already supports 40MB file size for an individual file. However, Assignment options tab still mentioned 20MB which was what previously turnitin used to support. We have modified that message.
  • 'Automatically release submissions to markers' has been renamed to 'Automated release for marking' as it is students and not submissions that are released. Checkbox message does reflect that.
  • Assignment overview page now displays extension request total instead of pending extension requests.
  • Fixed bug where previously Department name was not interpolated on emails about manually added students.
  • Some performance improvements done in fetching timetable.

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-5114] - Amend 'Link to SITS' help text - add students to monitoring scheme
  • [TAB-5456] - Download submission(marker) Test Plan
  • [TAB-5459] - Proxy as marker Test Plan
  • [TAB-5567] - Amend 'Link to SITS' help text - reusable small groups


  • [TAB-5487] - Display extension request total instead of pending extension requests (assignment overview page)
  • [TAB-5547] - Attempt made to complete marking that was never released - Validation should prevent this
  • [TAB-5549] - Don't try to send stop marker notifications when the marker is unassigned
  • [TAB-5555] - Manually add student notification to Exam office exception(manual_membership_eo.ftl)
  • [TAB-5556] - Viewing specific profile tutor - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: empty.max exception
  • [TAB-5557] - Department name not interpolated on emails about manually added students
  • [TAB-5559] - Freemarker template error -Dept Tutor page
  • [TAB-5563] - IllegalFieldValueException as part of timetable download


  • [TAB-5571] - Increase maximum file size for Turnitin submission to 40 MB
  • [TAB-5576] - Investigate performance of fetching timetable


  • [TAB-5564] - Text changes - automatically release assignment to markers