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Tabula 2018.2.2 - 8 February 2018

Tabula 2018.2.2 was released on Thursday, 8 February 2018. There are no new features this week, just fixes including updates of:

  • the download feedback button – when marking is already in progress, clicking the button no longer produces an empty file
  • links in timetables to small group teaching events – event URLs with trailing slashes now render accurately as links

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-4967 - Timetable needs to be refreshed when changing size
  • TAB-5336 - Poor performance when selecting all submissions
  • TAB-5421 - DateToWeekNumberTag shouldn't explode for prehistoric dates
  • TAB-5485 - Submissions and feedback summary expand only works on largest breakpoint
  • TAB-5550 - Brief message displayed in error when rendering online feedback form
  • TAB-5854 - Download feedback action should not yield empty files when marking is in progress
  • TAB-5936 - Filter behaviour on View By Point screen
  • TAB-5943 - Assignment extension student with disability (NPE)
  • TAB-5944 - Links in SGT events with trailing slashes are not being rendered as links
  • TAB-5947 - API for My Warwick returning some inaccurate data
  • TAB-5951 - Set teachingStaff property for EmeritusMember during import


  • TAB-5907 - Use new WAI2GO API for location fetching

Developer tasks

  • TAB-5927 - Import hall of residence info from SITS as part of Student profile