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Tabula 2018.2.4 - 22 February 2018

We released Tabula 2018.2.4 on Thursday, 22 February 2018. This version includes an alternative exam grid layout. A new short grid shows only those modules taken by each student. The original full grid continues to show all modules taken by the selected cohort.

In attendance monitoring, we've:

  • improved the page to record attendance against a monitoring point to handle situations where a person does not have permission to record attendance for every student
  • clarified the labels on points recorded automatically to show the reason – for example, an approved meeting record or coursework submission

We've also fixed bugs where:

  • it wasn't possible to save an assignment with a non-moderated reusable marking workflow after you added a new marker
  • email notifications weren't sent to students when marks were adjusted in bulk via the spreadsheet upload method

Technical notes

New features

  • TAB-4997 - Alternative layout of Tabula exam grid

Bug fixes

  • TAB-5960 - Submissions and feedback summary UI can still overlap
  • TAB-5971 - Upload adjustments in bulk does not generate adjustment notification
  • TAB-5976 - Unable to select individual submissions to unmark for plagiarism
  • TAB-5978 - Error when downloading report from 15/16
  • TAB-5984 - Unable to save non-moderated reusable workflows


  • TAB-4664 - Record monitoring scheme issue when user doesn't have permissions over all students in scheme
  • TAB-4715 - Add a checkbox to return 'inactive' students in search
  • TAB-5635 - Improve labelling of autorecorded monitoring points.
  • TAB-5952 - Potential UX tweak make clearer plagiarised subs wont be published, conflicting messages
  • TAB-5958 - Adjust the late feedback filter parameters (hard to follow) & differs from Feedback report



  • TAB-5977 - Help text and example images for grid layout options