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Tabula 2018.4.1 - 5 April 2018

We released Tabula 2018.4.1 on Thursday 5 April 2018. There are no new features this week. Bug fixes and improvements include:

  • better audit information for submissions in a moderated marking workflow that are sent directly to the administrator as approved with no changes
  • exam grids with three or more years render the rightmost columns correctly

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-5865 - Moderated marking feedback audit shows moderator having seen submission when they haven't
  • TAB-6045 - Student assignment submission (double-click)
  • TAB-6075 - newMeetingRecordApproval (NotificationWithTarget) with null notification
  • TAB-6089 - Preview doesn't show final columns when displaying 3+ years
  • TAB-6090 - Grid filter - clear selected items year of study
  • TAB-6093 - ScheduledMeetingRecordNotification shouldn't be NotificationWithTarget type


  • TAB-6054 - Better auditing of when someone generates or downloads a grid
  • TAB-6058 - Display descriptive term on hover over EMU indicators in grids