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Tabula 22 (Titanium)

Tabula version 22 was released on Thursday 20th December 2012. These are the main visible changes:

Student profiles

We have released the first iteration of the Student Profiles module of Tabula. At the moment you will be able to see basic information about any student in your department if you are a member of staff, and your own profile if you are a student. We will continue to iterate on this and include more information over the coming months.

General improvements and fixes

  • The coursework management homepage has been redesigned to show an activity stream of useful events and items for both students and staff
  • Submission names with international characters or multiple spaces no longer appear to be "Not Found" when you click on them as a student
  • The department admin screen has been redesigned to be easier to use in Coursework Management
  • Turnitin reports no longer fail if the student submitting has no email address recorded
  • It should now be possible to perform all administrative tasks on an iPad or other tablet
  • It's now possible to re-include removed users from assignments
  • Links to Turnitin reports are no longer broken in email notifications
  • An issue that caused Internet Explorer to not load some design rules has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Mockup / Graphics

  • [TAB-285] - Generic image for students with no photo


  • [TAB-279] - Restrict ability to search to members of staff
  • [TAB-280] - Only allow users to see profiles of students in their department
  • [TAB-282] - Remove personalised user greeting from student profiles


  • [TAB-223] - Turnitin report viewer should fail gracefully on missing email, or not fail at all
  • [TAB-230] - Bootstrap dropdown buttons on iOS
  • [TAB-235] - Can't restore removed student ( enrolled list)
  • [TAB-236] - Add assignment screen validates end date even if open ended has been clicked
  • [TAB-245] - Scheduler sends turnitin emails with wrong context
  • [TAB-255] - Extra-long assignment name throws exception, not validation error
  • [TAB-257] - Freemarker error when adding an external user
  • [TAB-259] - Attachment url with international characters not correctly escaped
  • [TAB-263] - Turnitin email link not working
  • [TAB-268] - Anchor script nests <a> inside an <a> on page load
  • [TAB-270] - Transactions class shouldn't NPE
  • [TAB-277] - Profile photo attachments are saved as temporary
  • [TAB-283] - link needs fixing
  • [TAB-286] - App comments not working on Profiles
  • [TAB-290] - "Upload" button on Feedback Forms page takes you to "Not Found" page
  • [TAB-291] - Css issues in IE9
  • [TAB-296] - QueryParser is not threadsafe


  • [TAB-11] - Users need to be able to view a student profile
  • [TAB-34] - Users need to be able to search for a student profile


  • [TAB-123] - Help text for students looking for feedback that isn't there
  • [TAB-190] - Late submission activity stream
  • [TAB-206] - Background jobs overhaul
  • [TAB-246] - Redirect to web sign-on on "permission denied" page if not logged in
  • [TAB-252] - assignment access request - tweaks
  • [TAB-253] - Allow the filter stack to be extended in individual components
  • [TAB-262] - Index profile information with embedded Lucene for searching
  • [TAB-267] - Shorter URL for assignment student list
  • [TAB-271] - Honour name synonyms in profile search
  • [TAB-273] - Show warning when unpublished feedback exists
  • [TAB-294] - Aggregate JS/CSS files used for rendering
  • [TAB-295] - word count conventions field

New Feature

  • [TAB-187] - Crawl personal information from ADS and store it locally


  • [TAB-40] - I want to be able to see basic information about a student
  • [TAB-278] - A student should be able to view their own profile


  • [TAB-211] - Redesign department modules/assignments list
  • [TAB-229] - Prevent mark schemes from being changed or added once an assignment has submissions
  • [TAB-233] - Remove deprecated components from Coursework now that standalone is going away