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Tabula 24 (Chromium)

Tabula version 24 was released on Monday 21st January 2013. These are the main visible changes:

Security fixes

A couple of possible (but very unlikely) security vulnerabilities have been closed:

  • [Low risk] A marker on an assignment could theoretically download students' submissions that they are not the marker for (on the same assignment) by constructing a specific HTTP request
  • [Very low risk] A module manager could theoretically approve extension requests that they are not an approver for by constructing a specific HTTP request

Both of these vulnerabilities would be recorded in our audit log, and we have confirmed that neither were exploited (or attempted to be exploited)

Bug fixes

We have concentrated on a number of bug fixes during this release. Some bugs that have been fixed are:

  • You can now edit the title of assignments on the bulk import screen again
  • The Coursework Management homepage no longer shows assignments as late on hover if they are not
  • An error page is no longer displayed if you try and upload a file with a % sign in it
  • It is now possible to access student profiles even if you have two active university ID numbers
  • An occasional error when adding feedback (caused by double-clicking on buttons) has been fixed
  • A bug that caused some TurnItIn submissions to take hours to complete has been fixed
  • Submission receipts for students no longer show ? instead of special characters in filenames
  • If you are assigned as a marker for multiple assignments, the Coursework Management homepage now orders them by close date
  • The submissions/feedback page now correctly disables the Download buttons until submissions have been selected
  • The access request notification no longer describes staff members as 'students'
  • When creating or editing an assignment, the interface to add/remove students from the enrolled list is much more robust

General improvements

  • We've made minor improvements the look and feel of Tabula, in particular contrast problems on some buttons
  • Staff can now view student profiles for students who are taking one or more modules in their home department, even if they are in a different department
  • When managing extension requests for assignments, you can now see the student's name
  • You can now add a grade when marking assignments, as well as a mark

Technical release notes:



  • [TAB-332] - setup assignments - editing title problem
  • [TAB-339] - Lateness tooltip wrongly appears for not-late items after a late item
  • [TAB-344] - Files with % in the name breaking the EscapingUriParser
  • [TAB-345] - Exception when viewing student profiles if you have >1 Member record for your userid
  • [TAB-346] - Occasional error when adding feedback
  • [TAB-347] - Long running scheduled jobs stop all other jobs running
  • [TAB-370] - Can't restore removed student
  • [TAB-351] - Secondary instance full GCing
  • [TAB-373] - Submission receipt mangles unicode characters
  • [TAB-377] - Security vulnerability in extension requests
  • [TAB-378] - Security vulnerability in downloading submissions for a marker
  • [TAB-379] - Security vulnerability in delete submissions and feedback combined controller
  • [TAB-394] - "Assignments for marking" on coursework homepage link to the submit page for students
  • [TAB-395] - Popups on Feedback Templates dept settings screen have double scrollbars
  • [TAB-396] - On submissions/feedback page, clicking the "Download" buttons with nothing selected does nothing
  • [TAB-397] - Access request email says 'student' even if the user isn't a student


  • [TAB-134] - Optionally prefix submission with the student name
  • [TAB-241] - Think of a better replacement for procedural-style permissions checking
  • [TAB-298] - Put student name in the extensions table
  • [TAB-321] - search should include students taking a module run by the user's department
  • [TAB-340] - Breadcrumb and footer links should be white


  • [TAB-100] - Review the alert-warning box colours
  • [TAB-274] - Put the grade column back in