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Tabula 29 (Copper) - 26th February 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 29 was released on Tuesday 26th February 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Assigning personal tutors to students

You can now assign a personal tutor to a student directly from their student profile. This allows you to optionally send notification emails to the student, tutor and the previous tutor, if relevant.

General improvements and fixes

  • You can now link a single assignment to multiple assessment groups in Coursework Management.
  • A bug that caused errors when lots of people tried to download their feedback at the same time has been fixed
  • Students will no longer appear twice on the submission/feedback page under certain circumstances
  • Unsubmitted assignments no longer incorrectly get the "Within extension" label if the extension has expired
  • Adding marks using a spreadsheet no longer breaks on empty cells
  • Assignments in a different department to their assessment group are now editable
  • Markers who aren't also module managers can now correctly add marks

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-485] - Department in breadcrumb trail for coursework


  • [TAB-470] - Oracle "deadlocks" occasionally when lots of people simultaneously download feedback
  • [TAB-488] - Users showing up twice on the combined submitted/feedback page
  • [TAB-495] - Broken page /coursework/admin/
  • [TAB-502] - Missing validation error for workflows
  • [TAB-505] - Unsubmitted assignments incorrectly get "Within extension" label, even if they're not
  • [TAB-506] - "<br />" in within extension tooltip on submissions/feedback page
  • [TAB-517] - Exception adding marks
  • [TAB-524] - Student and tutor names not displayed in Personal tutor upload preview screen on tabula-test
  • [TAB-525] - Assignment not editable
  • [TAB-526] - Exception on setting user settings for logged-out user
  • [TAB-532] - Markers cannot add marks when not a module manager
  • [TAB-534] - Prevent setting marking completed flag twice
  • [TAB-540] - Fix bootstrap grid and ID6 collision
  • [TAB-545] - Exception when markers add marks
  • [TAB-548] - using StudentMember instead of Member, uni ID in path fails to populate
  • [TAB-551] - Both positive and negative messages displayed on assign tutor page when there are no tutors


  • [TAB-549] - Sort tutees/students alphabetically by surname rather than firstname
  • [TAB-550] - Change the way 'All students have personal tutors' message is displayed


  • [TAB-114] - Warn if module in feedback filename doesn't match module
  • [TAB-352] - Access request emails should come from the person requesting access, not
  • [TAB-478] - Tweak spacing on student profiles search results
  • [TAB-480] - Display ext departments for personal tutors inline
  • [TAB-481] - Increase spacing above 'Who can see this information' link
  • [TAB-484] - Improve formatting of turnitin report email text
  • [TAB-533] - Add second marker column to the student table
  • [TAB-556] - Cannot add marks to assignments

New Feature

  • [TAB-336] - Link multiple assessment groups to an assignment
  • [TAB-543] - Extract sortableTable plugin for cross-application use


  • [TAB-258] - I want to be able assign a personal tutor to a particular student


  • [TAB-461] - Populate Department JSON settings and remove unused settings post Tabula v28
  • [TAB-494] - Test coverage for submission emails to module managers
  • [TAB-536] - Move old-style permission groups to new-style role declarations