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Tabula 30 (Zinc) - 11th March 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 30 was released on Monday 11th March 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • More granular permissions have been implemented for student profiles. This means that regular staff in departments are likely to see fewer student details at the moment, but personal tutors will see more
  • Course details are now included in student profiles
  • A bug that meant you couldn't edit assignments if your computer was set to a locale such as Polish has been fixed
  • A bug that occasionally caused problems adding lots of feedback at once has been fixed
  • A bug that caused issues when creating assignments has been fixed
  • The Downloaded label for submissions now correctly displays
  • A warning that a different module code has been included in a feedback filename has been re-added
  • When downloading a single file as a submission, it is no longer placed in a zip file
  • User settings for submission notifications is no longer shown if you're not a module manager
  • The user settings link now displays on the blue bar at the top of every page
  • Marking workflows now correctly use marker names and student IDs as per departmental settings

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-518] - Exception batch adding feedback
  • [TAB-527] - Exception editing assignments for date format
  • [TAB-558] - The pop-out table link doesn't work in chrome
  • [TAB-560] - NPE when creating assignments
  • [TAB-562] - Spreadsheet with no tutor ID throws freemarker error
  • [TAB-563] - Downloaded label not showing for submissions
  • [TAB-575] - No longer warning of module mismatch in filenames when adding feedback
  • [TAB-585] - Exception trying to view student table


  • [TAB-19] - Advanced permissions


  • [TAB-490] - Don't require users to download a zip file containing a single file
  • [TAB-493] - User settings shown should be relevant to the current user
  • [TAB-515] - Use name for markers and id for students in marking workflow
  • [TAB-555] - Download feedback template button on student table
  • [TAB-557] - Move 'Settings' to utility links
  • [TAB-564] - More granular permissions checking for student profiles


  • [TAB-308] - I want to be able to view course details in a student profile


  • [TAB-461] - Populate Department JSON settings and remove unused settings post Tabula v28