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Tabula 36 (Krypton) - 16th May 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 36 was released on Thursday 16th May 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Module assistants

We've added a new role to Coursework Management called a 'Module Assistant'. This is designed to be a role that can do a little bit less than a 'Module Manager'.

Specifically, a Module Assistant cannot:

  • Archive or Delete assignments
  • Manage the permissions for a module
  • Delete submissions
  • Publish/release feedback

To add a Module Assistant, go to the "Module Permissions" screen in the same way as a Module Manager; you can then choose whether to add/remove a module manager or assistant.

Senior tutors

We've added a 'Senior Tutor' role to Student profiles. A 'Senior Tutor' can see everything that a student's personal tutor could see, for each student in that department.

We plan to expand this role in future releases to allow it to manage personal tutors for a department.

To add a Senior tutor for a department, a Departmental Administrator can click the 'Manage' dropdown in the Student Profiles component of Tabula.

General improvements and fixes

  • For the Summary-style submission/feedback screen, we've moved the order of actions around so that checking submissions for plagiarism happens before downloading them for marking
  • We've added a new 'submissions not downloaded' filter to the submission/feedback screen
  • Feedback reports now display the number of pieces of feedback that are still outstanding (i.e. not uploaded)
  • Departmental Administrators can now see information about personal tutor meetings (however they cannot see the record of the meeting - just the date and time and who it was between)
  • You can now delete un-approved meeting records (for example, if it's created against the wrong student)
  • A bug that caused the filter on the submission/feedback page to not work has been fixed
  • A bug that caused a student to receive an error if they double-clicked on the "Submit" button for an assignment has been fixed
  • A very rare error that happened when viewing lots of student photos, or searching many student profiles has been fixed

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-777] - Permissions cache can throw NPE
  • [TAB-781] - NPE Uploading personal tutors
  • [TAB-784] - Double-click protection on submission broken?
  • [TAB-786] - Filter not working on combined assignment/submission page
  • [TAB-790] - Anyone can sort modules


  • [TAB-537] - Users need to be able to add and remove module assistants


  • [TAB-726] - Swap the workflow order so that plagiarism is before downloading submissions
  • [TAB-729] - Add outstanding feedback column to feedback report
  • [TAB-770] - Hide empty modules with CSS
  • [TAB-771] - Arrange modules screen: validate that no modules are orphaned
  • [TAB-774] - Exception email: sort parameters by name
  • [TAB-780] - Add "Senior Tutor" role and management interface to set it
  • [TAB-785] - Add "submission not downloaded" filter
  • [TAB-787] - Make profile photo import less greedy for Membership information
  • [TAB-789] - Use skinny WARs inside an EAR?

New Feature

  • [TAB-669] - Departmental administrators to see meeting record metadata


  • [TAB-32] - I want to be able to remove a module assistant from a module
  • [TAB-361] - I want to be able to delete a record of an interaction with a tutee
  • [TAB-538] - I want to make another user a module assistant on a module


  • [TAB-788] - Make Role/RoleDefinition/Permission self-describing