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Tabula 38 (Strontium) - 11th June 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 38 was released on Tuesday 11th June 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Approvals for meeting records with tutors

Meetings between personal tutors and tutees must now be approved by both parties to go onto the student profile. This means, in practice, that where the tutor creates the record, the tutee must approve it, and vice-versa.

Improvements to linking assignments to SITS

We've completely re-vamped the interface for linking assignments with assessment groups in SITS, to make it clearer who's enrolled on an assignment and make it easy to remove or add users.

Research supervisors in student profiles

Where available in SITS, research supervisors are now displayed on student profiles (primarily for postgraduate research students)

General improvements and fixes

  • You can now add additional personal tutors directly into Tabula if you manage your tutors there, and a student has more than one personal tutor
  • You can now remove personal tutors (without a replacement) directly in Tabula if you manage your tutors there
  • Feedback reports now show the earliest and latest publish dates of feedback for that assignment
  • Word counts now accept commas when students submit coursework
  • The departmental administration page for Coursework Management now displays the number of students enrolled on each assignment as a badge next to the open date of the assignment
  • A bug that made it impossible to add personal tutors to some students has been fixed

We've been working hard on the next set of functionality in Tabula, Small Group Teaching, which should appear in the next couple of releases.

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-815] - Notification for rejecting draft record
  • [TAB-816] - Notification for requesting meeting record approval
  • [TAB-817] - Notification for approving draft meeting record


  • [TAB-767] - Display more of #container without waiting for page contents to load
  • [TAB-814] - Remove BOM from JS files
  • [TAB-820] - 'Manage' button not sitting correctly when module title is wrapped to 2 lines
  • [TAB-821] - Deploy-time dependency on andissoap
  • [TAB-824] - Drag and drop allocation screen blows up if there are no students in the set
  • [TAB-825] - Feature flag controller not working
  • [TAB-827] - Debug information left in Freemarker templates
  • [TAB-829] - Date picker on meeting record popup doesn't record correct date
  • [TAB-831] - Truncated admin URL redirects to invalid localhost address
  • [TAB-837] - Can't save a personal tutor
  • [TAB-838] - Tabula is "hammering" ANDiS (Membership) with its photo import
  • [TAB-839] - NPE exception when saving students on a new assignment
  • [TAB-842] - Assignment picker expanding summary/details not working in IE
  • [TAB-843] - Add another tutor appears in profile when masquerading as a non-dept admin
  • [TAB-846] - Unapproved meeting record displaying as approved
  • [TAB-849] - Can't initally scroll to bottom of assignment screen after expanding a submission
  • [TAB-851] - 'Add students' help icon expands/contracts section


  • [TAB-107] - Improve assignment SITS link dialog
  • [TAB-402] - Personal tutors and tutees need to be able to approve a meeting record
  • [TAB-709] - Users need to be able to create small teaching groups


  • [TAB-287] - Make app comments form less coursework-specific
  • [TAB-565] - UI changes to edit personal tutor
  • [TAB-670] - For PGR students, show Supervisor in profile
  • [TAB-708] - Add feedback publish dates to feedback report
  • [TAB-733] - Make the word count field validation more forgiving about commas
  • [TAB-807] - Use FontAwesome for icons
  • [TAB-826] - UI tweaks to drag and drop small group allocation
  • [TAB-845] - Don't show 'Supervisor' heading on profiles with no supervisor

New Feature

  • [TAB-775] - Allow additional concurrent personal tutors to be added through the UI
  • [TAB-795] - Expose student enrolment status on assignment list


  • [TAB-363] - I want to be able remove a personal tutor who has been assigned to a student
  • [TAB-425] - I want to approve a record which someone else has created on my behalf
  • [TAB-426] - I want to be able to edit a rejected draft record
  • [TAB-427] - I want to ask a personal tutee to approve a record I have created or approved
  • [TAB-428] - I want to approve a record of a meeting with my personal tutor
  • [TAB-710] - I want to be able to create a set of small teaching groups for a module
  • [TAB-712] - I want to be able to create events for small teaching groups
  • [TAB-806] - I want to be able to allocate students to small teaching groups