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Tabula 39 (Yttrium) - 18th July 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 39 (Yttrium) was released on Thursday 18th July 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Tabula Sandbox

We've created a new instance of Tabula as a "Sandbox" where you can play around with new features. All the data on this system is fictional. If you'd like access, please email tabula at warwick dot ac dot uk.

General improvements and fixes

  • We've re-worked the user picker to be cleaner and easier; just type names into the box now
  • We've worked on improving the performance of student photos, particularly when showing many on a page
  • Students with multiple current courses are now shown correctly in Student Profiles
  • Where you don't have permission to perform an action, we'll now explain that when you hover over a disabled button
  • Tabula now correctly sends .odt files to Turnitin
  • Student Profiles has been re-designed to display tab and gadget views
  • Uploading non-xlsx files to mark upload now correctly displays an error
  • Submission receipts are now available for students post-submission and post-feedback in Coursework Management
  • A bug that caused the top-left of the screen to be un-clickable in IE10 has been fixed
  • The email receipt for an extension request in Coursework Management now has the correct link
  • A change in Turnitin behaviour that caused generic assignment/class names to be used has been fixed
  • A bug that caused some students to not have a photo on their profile has been fixed

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-609] - Uploading non xslx files to mark upload causes exception
  • [TAB-852] - Can't view submission receipt if you are un-enrolled from assignment after submitting
  • [TAB-858] - Can't focus in surname field of user picker when creating an event on a group
  • [TAB-859] - User picker isn't repopulated on edit of small group events
  • [TAB-863] - An invisible unclickable area in IE10
  • [TAB-866] - Disabled icons are overlaid with filter icon on hover
  • [TAB-868] - Default ActiveMQ setup doesn't work
  • [TAB-869] - Online request extension - email update to the student - link supplied NOT FOUND
  • [TAB-871] - Student submission with semicolon in filename cannot be downloaded
  • [TAB-885] - Re-word "Checked and not plagiarised" label
  • [TAB-887] - Generate sensible class names in Turnitin
  • [TAB-896] - Listing small groups template error when location is unset
  • [TAB-899] - Odd official names
  • [TAB-900] - Tutees aren't clickable on Android
  • [TAB-904] - Duplicate usersettings rows on dev
  • [TAB-907] - Student Profile Search loads incorrect form with blank query
  • [TAB-910] - Intermittent test failures on ModeOfAttendanceImporter
  • [TAB-911] - Image caching does not work on test
  • [TAB-912] - Search button is misaligned on Profiles home page
  • [TAB-914] - NPE on some requests to PhotoController
  • [TAB-915] - Two 'x' buttons on help popover
  • [TAB-935] - Exception allocating students to markers
  • [TAB-939] - Freemarker error uploading WMG tutors
  • [TAB-941] - Feature updates aren't detected at runtime in freemarker
  • [TAB-942] - Course not displaying correctly in no personal tutor table on test
  • [TAB-945] - Small groups popup moves to the side on scroll
  • [TAB-946] - Add button in edit groups picker requires click on the icon
  • [TAB-948] - SGT dept admin page is really slow
  • [TAB-949] - Allocating/unallocating students to markers not working correctly
  • [TAB-951] - Help popovers no longer displaying
  • [TAB-952] - SGT helptext shown to students but shouldn't be
  • [TAB-953] - FT UG photos not displaying in student profiles
  • [TAB-954] - Meeting record modal opens when switching views
  • [TAB-955] - Photos in personal tutees table not resized
  • [TAB-957] - Submit marks screen shows incorrect number of students
  • [TAB-960] - Can't remove individual users from small group allocations
  • [TAB-962] - Can't create new supervision record on test
  • [TAB-963] - 'Supervision' tab not displaying for non PGRs who have a supervisor
  • [TAB-966] - Display niggles with student profiles on test
  • [TAB-970] - 'Publish feedback' ends up with 'page not found'


  • [TAB-931] - Use for test emailing?


  • [TAB-152] - Reimplement user picker as autocomplete field?
  • [TAB-447] - Improve photo thumbnail performance
  • [TAB-579] - Store/display multiple concurrent courses
  • [TAB-793] - Grey out forbidden options for Module assistants
  • [TAB-873] - Could we configure Tabula to upload .ODT files
  • [TAB-895] - Convert no-photo.png to a jpg
  • [TAB-930] - Tweaks to student profile views
  • [TAB-932] - Use Office365 SMTP servers to send emails, not mail relays
  • [TAB-964] - Use same styles for supervisees table as for personal tutees

New Feature

  • [TAB-823] - Allocate students to small teaching groups via spreadsheet download/upload


  • [TAB-714] - I want to be able to view small groups in my department
  • [TAB-715] - I want to be able to view small groups I am teaching
  • [TAB-916] - I want to allow students to sign up for small groups
  • [TAB-920] - I want to decide whether students can switch groups after signing up