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Tabula 41 (Niobium) - Thursday 12th September 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 41 (Niobium) was released on Thursday 12th September 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Small Group Teaching

We're pleased to release Small Group Teaching (SGT) functionality within Tabula from this release. This component of Tabula allows management of seminars, labs and other small group events. The following functionality is currently available:

  • Creation of a set of small groups, each of which can have multiple (teaching) events
  • Registration of students onto a set of small groups (or linking through to SITS groups)
  • Allocation of students into groups
  • Optional self-sign up of students into groups
  • Notifications for both tutors and students when group allocations have been finalised

We'll also be releasing functionality to record attendance at these small group events prior to the start of term.

More types of student relationship

In response to a number of requests to add more types of student->staff relationships in addition to personal tutors and research supervisors, we've now made it possible to add any number of new relationship types. These are created on request; please contact tabula at warwick dot ac dot uk with your requirements.

Personal tutor allocation

We've made it possible to allocate students to personal tutors (and other relationship types, if they aren't managed in SITS) by dragging groups of students into tutors. This can then notify the students and tutors in bulk of their new tutor/tutees.

General improvements and fixes

  • We no longer support Internet Explorer 8 for management functions within Tabula. See our supported browsers
  • There's a more consistent UI for long forms now (such as creating an assignment) where portions of the form expand and contract
  • Postgraduate Research students now have a link to their student profile from the profiles page
  • A bug that meant you couldn't create meeting records if there was more than one tutor/supervisor has been fixed
  • Permanently withdrawn students no longer appear in lists of students within a department (e.g. for assigning personal tutors)
  • A bug that caused styling to be removed from the page when generating a feedback report has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-992] - Data model for monitoring points
  • [TAB-996] - Allow admins to create monitoring points


  • [TAB-980] - Implement record attendance form
  • [TAB-981] - Add Record buttons to small groups list
  • [TAB-1012] - Upgrade Selenium/HTMLUnit
  • [TAB-1090] - Member Note data model


  • [TAB-982] - Freemarker error when creating a small group
  • [TAB-984] - Audit events persisting dates wrong
  • [TAB-985] - Can't create meeting record when >1 Supervisor (or Tutor)
  • [TAB-986] - Profile "expand all" button expands all expandables
  • [TAB-990] - Exception saving groupset properties
  • [TAB-994] - Departmental Admin can't see supervision record headlines
  • [TAB-998] - Error when using the profile importer on sandbox
  • [TAB-1005] - Small group set default max group size should be enabled
  • [TAB-1008] - Student allocation - scrolling weirdness
  • [TAB-1009] - Edit small group set explosion if students enrolled by user id
  • [TAB-1014] - Setting up assignments - Step 2 Back button giving errors
  • [TAB-1017] - Sandbox importer throwing exception
  • [TAB-1019] - Permanently Withdrawn students should not appear in lists of students in a department
  • [TAB-1025] - Count of students with no personal tutor is wrong on tutors page
  • [TAB-1026] - Feedback report doesn't show in popover
  • [TAB-1027] - LA116 2500 word essay showing 0 published feedback in feedback report on live
  • [TAB-1028] - Small Groups student picker problems
  • [TAB-1032] - Feedback report throws SQLException
  • [TAB-1035] - Members without profile.mostSignificantCourseDetails cause ftl error in small group allocation
  • [TAB-1039] - Adding groups removes manually added students
  • [TAB-1040] - Small group allocation spreadsheet upload has template text
  • [TAB-1041] - Sandbox - query - setting max group size
  • [TAB-1042] - Sandbox - default events
  • [TAB-1045] - Sandbox - spreadsheet upload Error
  • [TAB-1052] - Student profile tabs don't display then browser crashes in IE8 (test)
  • [TAB-1067] - Groups are displayed to students before notifications have been sent
  • [TAB-1069] - Tutor and student group info not displaying (in different ways)
  • [TAB-1073] - Error trying to notify users of group allocation
  • [TAB-1075] - Rows aren't clickable for list of students in small group x
  • [TAB-1084] - Freemarker error when editing an existing monitoring point
  • [TAB-1091] - Get students by route and academic year in Profile Service only works for latest year
  • [TAB-1092] - IE8 displaying incorrect groups?
  • [TAB-1094] - freemarker template error for staff viewing student in dept
  • [TAB-1101] - Clicking 'Save' on tutor allocation took me to a 404 page
  • [TAB-1102] - Remove 'Assign research supervisors' button
  • [TAB-1103] - Freemarker template error submitting an assignment
  • [TAB-1105] - Unreadable content in template tutor spreadsheet
  • [TAB-1107] - Downloading template spreadsheet has empty group column


  • [TAB-737] - Users need to be able to view the monitoring points for their department
  • [TAB-1044] - Admin users need to create monitoring points for their department


  • [TAB-584] - Break down course details permissions
  • [TAB-830] - Consistent UI for what are currently sections of long pages
  • [TAB-865] - Allow filtering of unallocated students in SGT allocation
  • [TAB-908] - Give PGRs an easy link to see their own profile
  • [TAB-1021] - Sysadmin breadcrumbs
  • [TAB-1023] - Refactor radio enabling/disabling JS
  • [TAB-1071] - Display group tutor to admins (and students if settings permit)
  • [TAB-1088] - Provide Hibernate session statistics for development

New Feature

  • [TAB-1029] - Arbitrary student -> staff relationships


  • [TAB-365] - I want to be able to edit a personal tutor's tutees from the list of personal tutors
  • [TAB-433] - I want to be able to assign personal tutors to students with no current tutor
  • [TAB-738] - I want to see the monitoring points for my department
  • [TAB-749] - I want to see which students have missed monitoring points
  • [TAB-917] - I want to set a maximum number for small groups
  • [TAB-934] - I want to close a self sign-up group


  • [TAB-1015] - Sandbox access for Lorraine Brown (mzspai)
  • [TAB-1016] - Sandbox access for Ewart Shaw (strgh)


  • [TAB-1001] - EditMeetingRecordCommandTest - intermittent test failures
  • [TAB-1003] - Make UserGroup type explicit
  • [TAB-1047] - Create blank monitoring set
  • [TAB-1056] - Copy existing monitoring set
  • [TAB-1059] - Create monitoring point set from template
  • [TAB-1078] - Managing schemes home page
  • [TAB-1079] - Edit an existing monitoring point set
  • [TAB-1087] - Hide 'Record' button in SGT


  • [TAB-42] - Small group teaching management