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Tabula 47 (Silver) - Tuesday 15th October 2013

Tabula version 47 (Silver) was released on Tuesday 15th October 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

User Access Managers

In preparation for the change in Tabula permissions (so that users can delegate their own permissions out to others), we've created a new User Access Manager role within Tabula. This person will be nominated by the Head of Department to be the one person responsible for allocating top-level permissions in a department.

Routes in sub-departments

We can now move various Routes to sub-departments in the same way as Modules, to allow attendance monitoring functionality to be used within such sub-departments.

Module registrations and small groups

If a user is registered for a module but then de-registers for it, they are removed from any small groups they've signed up to for this module. Note that this only happens for departments who have this setting turned on (it's on by default) and where the student has been registered for a set of small groups via a link to SITS.

General improvements and fixes

  • Tutors and supervisors can now correctly record attendance
  • A bug where the 'Create from template' dropdown kept retracting in Internet Explorer has been fixed
  • It's now possible to record meetings on very small screens
  • A bug where some monitoring points were shown with a warning sign when they hadn't happened yet has been fixed
  • The maximum attachments for an assignment has been increased to 20
  • Removing and then adding a student in a linked SITS group no longer shows confusing information
  • 'No show' students are now no longer shown in student profiles or Attendance Monitoring
  • Assignments can now correctly be linked to assessment groups from previous academic years
  • Postgraduate Research students now see a link to their own attendance monitoring profile, if they have one
  • Online feedback can now be posted with an empty mark field
  • Supervisors imported from SITS are now correctly removed if there is a new supervisor
  • A bug in Internet Explorer where attendance monitoring information on a student profile was "stale" has been fixed.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-1240] - Removing and adding a linked student leads to confusing info
  • [TAB-1302] - 'Create from template' dropdown keeps retracting itself in IE
  • [TAB-1306] - Can't add meeting record on small screens
  • [TAB-1308] - Monitoring points that haven't happened yet display warning symbol
  • [TAB-1311] - Add Personal Tutor drop down menu content doesnt fit in the popup box
  • [TAB-1312] - No show student displayed in student profiles and attendance monitoring
  • [TAB-1317] - Personal Tutor changes - not displaying changes
  • [TAB-1322] - Tutors don't have permission to record attendance
  • [TAB-1327] - Error in permissions picker
  • [TAB-1331] - Exception in profile search with strange query
  • [TAB-1333] - Adding a dissertation supervisor displays personal tutor alert
  • [TAB-1336] - Problems with 'setup-assignments'
  • [TAB-1337] - Can't link assignment (and probably groups) to previous year's SITS group
  • [TAB-1338] - slideMoreOptions causes a slide on page load
  • [TAB-1344] - NullPointerException indexing profiles on tabula test
  • [TAB-1346] - Module appearing in profile but not small groups list
  • [TAB-1351] - Filenames with space characters not being URL-encoded correctly
  • [TAB-1352] - Student seeing both 'Leave' and 'Sign up' buttons for one module in small groups screen
  • [TAB-1356] - Change of registered SITS module not updated
  • [TAB-1357] - Intermittent failures in Coursework functional tests
  • [TAB-1358] - PGRs don't see their own attendance monitoring info
  • [TAB-1361] - Exception editing meeting record
  • [TAB-1362] - NPE recording attendance
  • [TAB-1363] - NPE doing online feedback if mark field is empty
  • [TAB-1370] - Importing supervisors from SITS doesn't remove old supervisors
  • [TAB-1381] - Freemarker error on seminar attendance recording
  • [TAB-1384] - Error assigning personal tutors on test
  • [TAB-1387] - Recorded attendance doesn't update info displayed on profile


  • [TAB-1213] - Model the ability to grant the permissions in a role
  • [TAB-1214] - Remove allocated students to reflect module registration
  • [TAB-1248] - Multi-line tabbed view breaks tab metaphor
  • [TAB-1296] - Display routes in order UG - PGT - PGR
  • [TAB-1298] - Change wording in attendance monitoring
  • [TAB-1315] - Show personal tutors/supervisors an accurate message in the 'Attendance monitoring' section
  • [TAB-1323] - Make selected option more obvious when recording attendance
  • [TAB-1326] - Empty 'Record' dropdown for group with no current events
  • [TAB-1334] - Remove upper bound on group size
  • [TAB-1341] - Lock Save and Cancel buttons to bottom of screen
  • [TAB-1382] - Request for Max Attachments to be increased for assignments

New Feature

  • [TAB-1301] - Create User Access Manager role


  • [TAB-1294] - Recombine membership picker templates
  • [TAB-1369] - Remove redundant code from ModifySmallGroupCommand