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Tabula 52 (Tellurium) - Wednesday 11th December 2013

Tabula version 52 (Tellerium) was released on Wednesday 11th December 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Permissions changes

The following changes have been made to permissions:

  • All staff members can now see a student's ITS usercode (previously: just tutors and supervisors)
  • All staff members can now see a student's core course details (previously: just staff in the student's department)
  • All staff members can now see a student's personal tutor, research supervisor and any other relationships in Tabula (previously: just staff in the student's department)
  • All staff members in the student's department can now see their small groups (previously: just tutors, supervisors and departmental administrators)
  • Tutors, supervisors, route managers and route assistants can now manage Member Notes on a student profile (previously: just departmental administrators)

General improvements and fixes

  • Newly-created assignments now include submissions, marks, extensions and other features by default (these can still be turned off)
  • Extension requests now include extra information both in Tabula and in the email notification
  • When disallowing extensions for an assignment, any existing extension requests are automatically declined
  • Removing a student from the enrolment list for a set of small groups will now also remove them from any of the groups themselves
  • We've added a way to quickly navigate between components in Tabula (a small dropdown next to the title of the area of Tabula in the header)
  • The feedback deadline is now shown correctly for students with extensions
  • When approving extensions, the new deadline is prefilled with the one requested by the student
  • We've re-designed the student profile page to better accommodate students who have taken (or are taking) multiple courses
  • Small group attendance is no longer shown for students on their profile if they aren't in any groups
  • We've added an API to Coursework Management to list all assignments for a department
  • Calendar dates are now shown alongside term weeks in attendance monitoring
  • You can now click and view the list of students who aren't allocated to a group
  • Route managers can now see meeting records
  • % splits of research supervision are now shown in Tabula
  • You can now link directly from a student's module registrations to MRM
  • Moderated and seen-second marking workflows are now possible in Coursework Management, including when using Online Feedback
  • Users are no longer taken to the 'Allocate students' screen when creating small groups with self-sign up
  • Holiday weeks no longer start on Thursdays in Attendance Monitoring
  • Names that include an apostrophe are now easier to search for in Student Profiles
  • An alignment issue when viewing attendance monitoring data has been fixed
  • A problem downloading submissions that were already completed when using marking workflow has been fixed
  • Route/module managers can now correctly view the "Admin" pages on Tabula

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-1533] - Post-deploy: Clean up data
  • [TAB-1588] - Data model for MonitoringPointReport


  • [TAB-1065] - Don't take users to 'Allocate groups' screen for new self-sign up groups
  • [TAB-1140] - Monitoring points: holiday weeks are displayed starting Thursday
  • [TAB-1197] - Inconsistencies when searching for names which include an apostrophe
  • [TAB-1261] - Unlinking an assignment gets stuck if you don't select an assess component
  • [TAB-1304] - Allow admins to record seminar attendance
  • [TAB-1556] - HTML in attendance monitoring tooltips (student record page)
  • [TAB-1571] - Don't retract filter options immediately
  • [TAB-1572] - Freemarker errors on view/record attendance for PAIS Undergraduate
  • [TAB-1573] - Freemarker exception on filtering students in PAIS attendance monitoring
  • [TAB-1577] - Hibernate exception from attendance when viewing profile page
  • [TAB-1581] - Audit items with no equivalent DB item don't display
  • [TAB-1582] - Attendance monitoring filtered view - content not aligning
  • [TAB-1585] - Error token viewing attendance for group on test
  • [TAB-1596] - Freemarker exception viewing attendance view/record homepage for sub-dept
  • [TAB-1597] - Freemarker exception filtering for students in Attendance Monitoring
  • [TAB-1602] - Exception getting extension email
  • [TAB-1606] - Extension review modal doesn't load for non StudentMembers
  • [TAB-1607] - Expandables in coursework grant extension request modal fail in Firefox
  • [TAB-1612] - Trying to transition marker state from Completed to InProgress when downloading submissions
  • [TAB-1616] - Module Auditors able to remove permissions of Module Assistants and Managers
  • [TAB-1617] - Small group attendance missing for some groups
  • [TAB-1620] - FTL exception viewing online feedback for a particular student
  • [TAB-1622] - Section switch dropdown opens causes display oddness in IE11
  • [TAB-1623] - Submission.state is redundant and should be removed
  • [TAB-1633] - SGT attendance not displayed on student profile
  • [TAB-1637] - Tooltips in SGT gadget in profile use wrong font
  • [TAB-1641] - Route/module managers denied permission to departmental admin page


  • [TAB-269] - Add workflow options to Mark Schemes


  • [TAB-430] - Make maintenance mode page prettier
  • [TAB-880] - Feedback deadline for students with extensions
  • [TAB-969] - Prefill new submission deadline with requested date
  • [TAB-1049] - Redesign student profile page to facilitate multiple years and module info
  • [TAB-1156] - Show information from student profiles on extension requests
  • [TAB-1285] - Review the default options for assignments
  • [TAB-1365] - Expose extra information in extension request notifications
  • [TAB-1428] - Handle existing extension requests when disallowing at assignment level
  • [TAB-1542] - Show corresponding calendar dates in Attendance Monitoring
  • [TAB-1546] - Don't show SGT attendance for students with no small groups
  • [TAB-1561] - Remove students from groups when manually removed from a groupset
  • [TAB-1562] - Allow users to switch more easily between tabula components
  • [TAB-1563] - Show list of students who haven't been allocated to a group
  • [TAB-1586] - Enable route manager to see meeting records from dissertation supervisors
  • [TAB-1592] - Expose % split of supervision when student has more than one supervisor
  • [TAB-1601] - Link from "Module Registrations" gadget to MRM (open in new window)
  • [TAB-1619] - Display non-secret information about students to all staff

New Feature

  • [TAB-1112] - Coursework Management API: List all assignments for a department
  • [TAB-1560] - Allow creating sub-departments in UI


  • [TAB-1525] - Withdrawn students still appearing in monitoring points list
  • [TAB-1611] - Alumni member still active in Tabula


  • [TAB-1122] - Create custom role for PAIS
  • [TAB-1360] - Move profiles import to outside of business hours
  • [TAB-1603] - Primary instance full GC-ing