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Tabula 54 (Xenon) - Friday 20th December 2013

Tabula version 54 (Xenon) was released on Friday 20th December 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • We've improved the performance of the departmental-level administration pages for both Coursework Management and Small Group Teaching
  • Online feedback is now visible in the coursework management progress page
  • Extension labels now correctly show the date of the extension, and late badges are calculated from the extension date, if applicable
  • Mark and Grade information is now included in Excel and CSV downloads from the submissions and feedback page
  • Two bugs that caused errors when viewing the list of submissions and feedback have been fixed
  • ._ files that occasionally were returned to students where their work was marked on a Mac have been removed
  • A problem that caused errors when viewing students without tutors in certain departments has been fixed
  • We now pick the correct university ID in circumstances where users have multiple library card numbers
  • We now handle situations where people accidentally put far-future years into date boxes better

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1697] - Improve performance of department admin page on Coursework


  • [TAB-1684] - Add a read-only view of online feedback to the submissionandfeedback summary


  • [TAB-1689] - Don't show unnotified groups in timetables
  • [TAB-1692] - Can't edit assignments with submissions because it thinks you're changing the marking workflow
  • [TAB-1695] - Sortable table Javascript error on assignment submission/feedback page
  • [TAB-1699] - Investigate multiple extensions for user
  • [TAB-1700] - Change time shown on extension label
  • [TAB-1701] - View monitoring points: filtering loses Bootstrap tooltips
  • [TAB-1704] - Cannot review an extension you have granted without a request
  • [TAB-1705] - Moderation reject email template typo
  • [TAB-1709] - Lateness labels incorrect when students have extensions
  • [TAB-1710] - Apple file uploaded and shown to student as feedback
  • [TAB-1711] - Next on empty iterator exception on Submission and feedback page
  • [TAB-1712] - Exception viewing missing tutors for department
  • [TAB-1713] - Freemarker error when workstages complete on submissions and feedback summary page
  • [TAB-1714] - "Missing from import since" looks suspiciously broken
  • [TAB-1716] - Wrong Member picked for user with multiple university IDs
  • [TAB-1717] - Save As on submission and feedback summary causes an exception
  • [TAB-1719] - Can't reverse ordering in columns
  • [TAB-1723] - MemberDao.listUpdatedSince explodes when updating profile index
  • [TAB-1724] - Exception instead of validation message when requesting extension with invalid timestamp


  • [TAB-661] - Fix controls to top of page on assignment submission/feedback
  • [TAB-1722] - Support profile import by deparment
  • [TAB-1725] - Save As (csv and excel) in submission and feedback summary is missing information