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Tabula 55 (Caesium) - Thursday 9th January 2014

Tabula version 55 (Caesium) was released on Thursday 9th January 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Uploading missed monitoring points to SITS:eVision

It's now possible to upload missed monitoring points that have been recorded in Tabula to SITS:eVision as part of the attendance monitoring points reporting process. This means that it won't be necessary to re-input missed points directly into SITS:eVision.

General improvements and fixes

  • We've worked hard to improve the performance of many areas of Tabula so a lot of pages should now load quicker, notably the homepages for Coursework Management and Small Group Teaching, and the submissions and feedback page in Coursework Management
  • There's now a type of 'Lecture' for small group sets, and you can optionally turn off collecting attendance for a set of small groups (where it isn't relevant)
  • We've added additional filters for "Submitted" and "Submitted late" to the Coursework Management submissions screen
  • Unsubmitted assignments no longer erroneously display as late

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1696] - Improve performance of Coursework Management homepage
  • [TAB-1698] - Improve performance of Small Group Teaching homepage


  • [TAB-1628] - Order list of students on assignment screen by uni ID (since no names)
  • [TAB-1679] - Slow: SubmissionAndFeedback

Technical task


  • [TAB-1590] - Not all attendance shown in labels on student profile
  • [TAB-1651] - Error viewing student profile page and 'All students in Chemistry' on test
  • [TAB-1734] - Don't cache failed UserLookup requests
  • [TAB-1737] - "You do not have permission to manage" message shown to students
  • [TAB-1739] - Unsubmitted assignments erroneously showing as late
  • [TAB-1741] - Extension managers not preserved when a sub-department is made
  • [TAB-1742] - Submission receipt email has usercode instead of submission ID
  • [TAB-1755] - Meeting record notifications display bogus time
  • [TAB-1758] - Exporting attendance to SITS ignores filters
  • [TAB-1759] - Error token marking student as unattended
  • [TAB-1762] - Import job failing on sandbox


  • [TAB-750] - Users need to be able to report attendance monitoring information to the Academic Office


  • [TAB-652] - Allow departmental administrators to opt-out of access request emails
  • [TAB-1503] - Handle locally timetabled lectures
  • [TAB-1584] - Make module attendance screen faster to load
  • [TAB-1625] - Retain filter after recording a student's attendance
  • [TAB-1649] - Edit properties template for small groups has wrong heading
  • [TAB-1661] - Exporting attendance to SITS: check wording
  • [TAB-1676] - For any upload/delete operation, include any file attachment IDs in the audit log
  • [TAB-1677] - Slow log template rendering
  • [TAB-1686] - Change 'Update' buttons to 'Edit' and show tooltip
  • [TAB-1718] - View by point with no scheme shows misleading alerts
  • [TAB-1727] - Warn when choosing to record attendance for the current term
  • [TAB-1728] - Flag up recording attendance in SITS when checkpoints for that student/term remain unrecorded
  • [TAB-1735] - Improve performance of looking up users by Warwick ID
  • [TAB-1738] - Permissions: Departments should be able to modify automatically generated roles
  • [TAB-1744] - Adapt 'course type' filter to be specific to sub-departments
  • [TAB-1750] - Exporting attendance to SITS: tweak wording
  • [TAB-1752] - Review filter bar layout

New Feature

  • [TAB-883] - Additional filters for the submission/feedback list


  • [TAB-751] - I want to view the attendance monitoring information that I will send to the Academic Office
  • [TAB-752] - I want to send attendance monitoring information to the Academic Office


  • [TAB-1525] - Withdrawn students still appearing in monitoring points list