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Tabula 57 (Lanthanum) - Wednesday 15th January 2014

Tabula version 57 (Lanthanum) was released on Wednesday 15th January 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • It's now possible to filter lists of personal tutees/supervisors
  • Personal tutors and supervisors can now see and record monitoring points for multiple tutees/supervisees
  • We continue to improve the performance of pages on Tabula, including the Coursework Management homepage and viewing attendance monitoring information for tutors and supervisors
  • We now display who recorded a monitoring point
  • Students are no longer listed multiple times in filter lists
  • An error that occasionally happened when viewing personal tutees has been fixed
  • Module managers for lots of modules can now 'Show' modules hidden because they have no coursework/small groups
  • A bug that made it impossible to change small group attendance for events where the student has now left the group has been fixed
  • Module auditors can now correctly see small group attendance

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1782] - Improve performance of attendance-by-agent


  • [TAB-1447] - supervisor relationships are being ended and recreated each day
  • [TAB-1730] - Old student course details records are not being flagged as missing
  • [TAB-1740] - Supervisor not being imported from SITS
  • [TAB-1745] - Supervisors not being imported correctly
  • [TAB-1766] - Departments with sub-departments listed repeatedly on the sysadmin screen
  • [TAB-1771] - Students listed twice in filtered lists
  • [TAB-1778] - Clicking on list of personal tutees gives error token
  • [TAB-1779] - More than one feedback for student
  • [TAB-1780] - Coursework summary view no longer shows IDs
  • [TAB-1781] - Double-submit protection on Online Feedback not working
  • [TAB-1784] - Module Manager cannot see hidden module
  • [TAB-1785] - Can't read users-by-warwick-uni-id from disk cache
  • [TAB-1786] - Duplicate students in online feedback list
  • [TAB-1791] - Unable to change small group attendance to "Not recorded"
  • [TAB-1792] - UI issue - buttons have been displaced
  • [TAB-1798] - Module auditor not seeing Small Group Attendance in Manage drop-down


  • [TAB-577] - Speed up student profiles import and rationalise similar importer classes
  • [TAB-1425] - Allow users to filter personal tutees
  • [TAB-1591] - Enable departmental administrators to see who has recorded a monitoring point
  • [TAB-1644] - Derive uni IDs in PRS table from PRS_UDF1 not PRS_CODE
  • [TAB-1659] - Separate out student import from importing tables on which it depends
  • [TAB-1776] - Make it more obvious how you upload to SITS
  • [TAB-1777] - Remove students missing from import from report of students with no relationship
  • [TAB-1787] - Delegate permissions on student relationships to arbitrary users

New Feature

  • [TAB-1461] - Allow personal tutors to see/record monitoring points for all tutees at once