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Tabula 63 (Europium) - Monday 17th March 2014

Tabula version 63 (Europium) was released on Monday 17th March 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Subscribable feeds to personal timetables

For students with personal timetables, it's now possible for them to get a subscribable feed of their lecture and small group timetable which can be synchronised to Office365, Google Calendar or a mobile phone.

Improved extension management screen

We've redesigned the extension management screen to make it clearer and easier for extension managers and administrators to see and review extension requests.

General improvements and fixes

  • It's now possible to get coursework submission receipts as downloadable and printable PDF files
  • A problem that caused some extension request emails to incorrectly say that rejected extensions had been approved has been fixed
  • A bug that caused permanently withdrawn students to sometimes appear in attendance monitoring lists has been fixed
  • A bug that meant that emails in submission receipts were incorrect has been fixed
  • A bug that caused an error when creating small groups has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Test Case

  • [TAB-2038] - Unit and functional tests for assignment submission to restricted assignments via SITS link


  • [TAB-2027] - Rejected extension requests emailing ext managers request has been approved
  • [TAB-2040] - Classes being unloaded due to lack of permgen space
  • [TAB-2041] - Permanently withdrawn student still appearing in Tabula
  • [TAB-2042] - Incorrect URL in submission receipt notification
  • [TAB-2045] - ClassCastException thrown when running profile importer
  • [TAB-2046] - QueryException viewing attendance filtered by module
  • [TAB-2048] - Adding new SGT groups posts to incorrect URL
  • [TAB-2051] - ClassCastException viewing profile as Sue Madigan
  • [TAB-2054] - Exception when trying to create a new module
  • [TAB-2055] - Exception when trying to arrange modules within departments
  • [TAB-2057] - most significant course details undefined error
  • [TAB-2067] - Can't subscribe to timetable iCal feed


  • [TAB-1933] - Improve extension management screen
  • [TAB-2028] - Notify that a document has been received on the submission complete screen
  • [TAB-2063] - Improvements to extension management UI

New Feature

  • [TAB-1838] - Get an ical feed from timetables