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Tabula 68 (Erbium) - Monday 19th May 2014

Tabula version 68 (Erbium) was released on Monday 19th May 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • It is now possible to grant advanced permissions over individual profiles and create custom roles for a department
  • The maximum number of students that can be emailed from the system has been increased from 50 to 500.
  • By default, users will be notified about noteworthy submissions that they have permissions to administer (previously, users would need to opt-in on the Settings screen). It is still possible to opt-out.
  • Late notifications will no longer be sent if you were granted an extension, but have already submitted
  • Students manually un-enrolled from assignments will no longer receive late notifications
  • It is now possible to download files from the administration screen that were submitted with # in the filename

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

Technical task

  • [TAB-2309] - Post-deploy: Refix broken feedback values


  • [TAB-2209] - Submission receipt notifications default is off and people don't know it
  • [TAB-2234] - SubmissionDueWithExtensionNotification shouldn't be sent if you've already submitted
  • [TAB-2236] - Fix which year tab accredited prior learning is displayed under
  • [TAB-2237] - Exception sending email that refers to @Restricted property
  • [TAB-2238] - All emails in batch rolled back on uncaught exception
  • [TAB-2239] - Exception rendering notifications where access to @Restricted properties is denied
  • [TAB-2244] - Manually un-enrolled students receiving 'assignment is late' notifications
  • [TAB-2245] - OnlineFeedbackCommand may show manually excluded students
  • [TAB-2296] - Modal not showing expected number of unallocated students
  • [TAB-2297] - Download links should escape # in filenames
  • [TAB-2298] - Coursework page calculating days late incorrectly when student had extension
  • [TAB-2300] - Exceptions posting online feedback (duplicate field values saved)
  • [TAB-2301] - Email alerts being sent to student who are no longer enrolled
  • [TAB-2303] - People with unapproved extensions may not get due notifications
  • [TAB-2304] - Error when creating new SGT event on Tabula Sandbox
  • [TAB-2312] - Freemarker error viewing profile page if view.universityId is undefined


  • [TAB-24] - Users need to be able to manage permissions for different roles
  • [TAB-26] - I want to be able to give another user permissions


  • [TAB-1707] - Expose user-friendly role definitions to users


  • [TAB-2206] - Don't show "More..." in Activity Stream if we've fetched fewer than the max
  • [TAB-2310] - Increase max recipient limit for email sending


  • [TAB-1826] - Apparent duplicate module registrations (could lead to incorrect CATS totals)


  • [TAB-28] - I want to be able to assign a role to a user and grant them additional permissions
  • [TAB-29] - I want to be able to create a new role based on an existing role
  • [TAB-30] - I want to be able to make additional roles available within my department
  • [TAB-31] - I want to be able to delete a role/make it unavailable within my department