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Tabula 77 (Iridium) - Thursday 4 September 2014

Tabula 77 (Iridium) was released on Thursday 4th September 2014. Following this release:

  1. Tabula will attempt to link copied assignments to SITS assessments for the new year
  2. In online feedback, the moderator is informed which marker has been notified
  3. When marking attendance for a teaching event, more information is supplied
  4. The Turnitin summary report is displayed on the online feedback form
  5. Sets of small teaching groups can be deleted
  6. A confirmation step has been added to the tutor allocation screen to make it clear what changes will take effect
  7. It is possible to import staff timetables from CELCAT
  8. It is possible to generate small group notifications (which will appear in Tabula) without sending emails

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2595] - re-enable personalTutorAllocation feature flag

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1066] - Minor tweaks to drag and drop allocation screen
  • [TAB-2546] - Don't group small group sets by module, just show them all
  • [TAB-2547] - Academic year switcher on SGT admin homepage
  • [TAB-2548] - Allow filtering of small group sets
  • [TAB-2549] - Progress bars for small group sets


  • [TAB-1959] - Dismiss/hide individual notifications
  • [TAB-2152] - Implement reminders for scheduled meetings


  • [TAB-2578] - Popup list of students assigned to marker truncated in Chrome
  • [TAB-2583] - Can't add attendance note when there's attendance marked
  • [TAB-2590] - Hide links to archived small groups on Tutor's view of Profiles page
  • [TAB-2593] - Download template spreadsheet link leads to 404 page
  • [TAB-2596] - Clickable area has too much height in SGT event creation screen
  • [TAB-2599] - Disallow recording attendance for 13/14 events that haven't happened yet
  • [TAB-2602] - Tabula says spreadsheet rows without tutors are ignored but it's not true
  • [TAB-2607] - Show who meeting is with in timetable event pop-up
  • [TAB-2612] - Clearing selected items in filtered view doesn't show all items
  • [TAB-2613] - Tutor allocation notifications - newAgent incorrect; oldAgent is one removed
  • [TAB-2614] - Location picker broken
  • [TAB-2617] - No line breaks in tutor notification emails
  • [TAB-2620] - Masqueraders get an ical feed for events they don't have permissions to see
  • [TAB-2621] - No module codes in staff iCal feed
  • [TAB-2622] - Module codes with letters in the "number" part not recognised from Celcat
  • [TAB-2625] - Error token creating event on a Sunday
  • [TAB-2628] - Marking attendance leads to 404 page
  • [TAB-2629] - No points returned when filtering results in Attendance Monitoring (viewing by point)
  • [TAB-2642] - SGT "Delete" Tooltip displays incorrectly in IE9


  • [TAB-118] - SITS import: avoid premature submission of "set options" dialog
  • [TAB-1175] - Copy assignments from previous: guess SITS links?
  • [TAB-1634] - Lock save and cancel buttons to bottom of marking screen
  • [TAB-1865] - Online feedback - Moderator needs to know which marker was notified
  • [TAB-2023] - Users want to see module and SGT attendance info relating to a teaching event point
  • [TAB-2161] - Consistently show tooltips for 'Late' label hover-over
  • [TAB-2415] - Retain marker feedbacks
  • [TAB-2451] - Turnitin summary report displayed on the online feedback form
  • [TAB-2498] - Don't insist that sub-dept names start with parent dept name
  • [TAB-2544] - Allow users to delete sets of small teaching groups
  • [TAB-2554] - UI tweaks to SGT creation
  • [TAB-2564] - Show links to module pages on module permissions page
  • [TAB-2574] - Tutor allocation screen - confirmation step for changes
  • [TAB-2579] - Staff timetables from CELCAT
  • [TAB-2585] - Include link to full profile in subset popover
  • [TAB-2619] - Allow sending SGT notifications without generating emails


  • [TAB-2592] - Intermittent unit test failure
  • [TAB-2594] - disable personalTutorAllocation feature flag