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Tabula 81 (Thallium) - Tuesday 23 September 2014

Tabula 81 (Thallium) was released on Tuesday 23rd September 2014. This included bug fixes and:

  • Implementation of automated small group attendance reminders for tutors, after the event and five working days later
  • Improvements to the small group set-up user interface
  • Addition of map links in timetables for recognised locations
  • Full-screen timetable view

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2153] - Implement small group attendance reminders


  • [TAB-2677] - Uploading unedited downloaded spreadsheet removes multiple tutors
  • [TAB-2687] - Assignment picker restricts resultsets, doesn't match capitalised module codes
  • [TAB-2697] - AM notifications aren't generated correctly
  • [TAB-2701] - Agents - lists include all their students not just the specific department being looked at
  • [TAB-2702] - NoSuchMessageException smallGroup.delete.notEmpty
  • [TAB-2704] - No response when trying to return meeting record with comments
  • [TAB-2710] - Freemarker error importing groups
  • [TAB-2715] - Don't show dropdown on modules on admin screen if user doesn't have permissions


  • [TAB-2689] - Order groups alphabetically in the edit screen
  • [TAB-2699] - Make a dedicated timetable view
  • [TAB-2700] - Improve SGT breadcrumbs and routes
  • [TAB-2708] - Enable map links to work in events from upstream timetable