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Tabula 86 (Radon) - Thursday 16th October 2014

Tabula 86 (Radon) was released on Thursday 16th October 2014. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Small group attendance notifications are now configurable for departments on the notification settings screen (accessible from the dropdown in the Admin & Permissions section). Note that this affects the department OR sub-department that the module for the small group is in; if the module is in a sub-department then only the settings for the sub-department will be taken into account
  • By default, module managers will get small group attendance reminders if there are no tutors for an event
  • We now persist layout choices on student profiles (i.e. whether it's a gadget or tabbed view) between visits
  • Permanently withdrawn students are now explicitly noted on allocations to small groups
  • A problem filtering by tier 4 and visiting student status has been fixed
  • A problem that made Save/Cancel buttons display inconsistently when scrolling pages in Small Group Teaching has been fixed
  • A problem importing module registrations has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-2854] - Persist layout choice (tab, gadget or list) over all profiles
  • [TAB-2874] - Allow departments & users to configure notifications for SGT attendance recording


  • [TAB-2282] - Missing marking completed label
  • [TAB-2838] - Longest item in filter drop-down always truncated
  • [TAB-2846] - Feedback listed as needs publishing after uncompleted
  • [TAB-2849] - Permanently withdrawn student included in unallocated count
  • [TAB-2852] - QueryException viewing tutees filtered by tier 4 and visiting
  • [TAB-2853] - SGT event register fixed footer too wide
  • [TAB-2855] - Missing URI template variable creating a meeting record
  • [TAB-2857] - Save/cancel buttons displaying inconsistently
  • [TAB-2858] - SmallGroupTeaching screen scrolling messes up display
  • [TAB-2860] - Notification sent to record attendance for a register that no longer exists
  • [TAB-2863] - Cannot only add students manually to scheme
  • [TAB-2864] - Truncated display editing monitoring point scheme
  • [TAB-2870] - Students not showing in modules they are confirmed for
  • [TAB-2872] - Student not seeing timetabled events in Tabula
  • [TAB-2875] - NullPointerException listing marker feedback
  • [TAB-2876] - NoSuchElementException editing students for attendance monitoring
  • [TAB-2880] - NullPointerException editing attendance note


  • [TAB-2616] - If a usercode is not found when masquerading, give more useful message
  • [TAB-2851] - Link to sub-dept tutor allocation screen
  • [TAB-2865] - Reinstate attendance reminders for module managers
  • [TAB-2869] - Sort groups alphabetically on group allocation screen


  • [TAB-2850] - Remove photo from profile
  • [TAB-2866] - Disable SGT attendance notifications just for Law


  • [TAB-2856] - Functional test failures - SQLSyntaxErrorException