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Tabula 90 (Thorium) - Monday 10th November 2014

Tabula 90 (Thorium) was released on Monday 10th November 2014. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • We've worked to improve the subject lines of emails sent from Tabula to give more information
  • We've dropped support for Internet Explorer 9 for Tabula
  • A number of bugs relating to viewing previous information for students has been fixed

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2750] - Allocation of personal tutors/tutees in law - duplications?
  • [TAB-2889] - Should show course code, not route code, for past courses on profile page
  • [TAB-2902] - Let users see monitoring points for people who have left in previous years
  • [TAB-2951] - Can't masquerade as one user while masquerading as another
  • [TAB-2952] - Show route auditors a link to profiles
  • [TAB-2958] - No points displayed before start date of current course
  • [TAB-2965] - No-one can approve/confirm a meeting record from an ex-tutor
  • [TAB-2980] - Let dept admins masquerade as people in parent department
  • [TAB-2982] - Tutor can't return record with comments


  • [TAB-2907] - Rationalise notification titles
  • [TAB-2977] - Place a large note on a student's profile if the student is deceased
  • [TAB-2978] - Improve fetching of 'deceased' flag for a member