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Tabula 95 (Americium) - Friday 16th January 2015

Tabula 95 (Americium) was released on Friday 16th January 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Online marking of assignments, and especially when using a marking workflow, has been greatly improved and simplified.
  • A bug that prevented PG(R)s from viewing their tutees has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused notification to be sent to students for archived assignments has been fixed.
  • Printed monitoring point registers now include any existing attendance.

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-3030] - Enable admins to set marks for upload to SITS on an assignment


  • [TAB-2324] - General UI improvements for Online Marking


  • [TAB-3145] - PGR cannot view personal tutees via profiles
  • [TAB-3151] - Late submission email alerts for archived assignments
  • [TAB-3154] - Title on feedback screen needs changing
  • [TAB-3158] - Marked submissions showing incorrect 'next action'


  • [TAB-3056] - Printable version of monitoring point "registers"
  • [TAB-3120] - Cache MarkingWorkflow UserGroups

New Feature

  • [TAB-3119] - Permissions tree view for department (to send to UAM)