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Tabula release notes

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Tabula 2019.7.2 released

We released Tabula 2019.7.2 on Thursday 11 July 2019. This release incorporates:

  • Some bug fixes.
  • Various improvements, including:
    • The ability for markers and moderators to filter submissions based on the 'disability disclosed' flag.
    • Better performance of the Small Group Teaching attendance page when there is a large number of groups, students and events.
    • A departmental setting to pre-select "F" as the grade for a submission when the mark is 0.
    • Further enhancements to the accessibility of Tabula for those using only a keyboard.
  • A new feature in Small Group Teaching which enables you to link students to groups via a SITS query, rather than assessment components. The SITS query method is now the default and includes all students registered on the module for which the groups are created. Note that SITS linking will be re-enabled in Tabula on 1 August, for the start of the new SITS academic year.
  • Further work on the upcoming Mitigating Circumstances functionality.

Technical notes


  • [TAB-7237] - Sort profile tabs (secondary breadcrumbs) by academic year and then course code
  • [TAB-7271] - Adjusted grade field's label not displayed
  • [TAB-7288] - Exam marker can't see Exam component
  • [TAB-7299] - Value of tabulaMasqueradeAs cookie is not validated on each request
  • [TAB-7305] - Sysadmins can't grant UAM permissions from the sysadmin permissions page
  • [TAB-7309] - Small group teaching attendance page performs badly with large numbers of groups, students and events
  • [TAB-7311] - Schedule meeting records modal not rendering on FF 59
  • [TAB-7324] - Masthead renders incorrectly in Safari
  • [TAB-7347] - exams/exams/admin/department/<dept>/<academicYear> cosmetic issues
  • [TAB-7354] - Modules should only be linked if they have assignments
  • [TAB-7369] - NPE in AbstractShireSkippingFilter


    • [TAB-7301] - Add permission checking to ActivityStreamCommand
    • [TAB-7318] - Add 'disability disclosed' filter to Marker/Moderator view
    • [TAB-7322] - Restrictive Content-Security-Policy - stage 1 (report only)
    • [TAB-7323] - Virus scan uploaded files
    • [TAB-7333] - Tabbing to links doesn't include the Record of meetings
    • [TAB-7336] - Can't tab to the Edit or Action buttons on an existing small group
    • [TAB-7338] - Tab order needs adjustment so that Record button is tabbed to sooner
    • [TAB-7341] - Enable navigating paginated results by keyboard when viewing monitoring scheme membership
    • [TAB-7342] - Can't tab to expand students on the Sub & Feedback screen
    • [TAB-7352] - Pre-fill grade as F when the mark is 0.

    New Feature

    • [TAB-7267] - Allow small groups to be set up with a SITS query, rather than assessment components

      Dev Task

      • [TAB-7349] - TemplateMethod for CSRF token/form field

      Dev Sub-task

      • [TAB-7348] - Apply reporting CSRF filter to Tabula


      • [TAB-7044] - Investigate CPU spike
      • [TAB-7132] - EditMarkingWorkflowCommand: log ID of the edited marking workflow
      • [TAB-7285] - Tooltips in last column are truncated may be browser/platform dependent
      • [TAB-7350] - Clarify assignment options text about word counts

      Mitigating Circumstances

      • [TAB-7327] - Allow students to state that they have sensitive evidence
      • [TAB-7343] - Panel chairs confirm outcomes
      • [TAB-7344] - View only permissions on all mitcirc submissions for TQ
      Fri 12 Jul 2019, 10:36