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Tabula release notes

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Tabula 2019.8.2 released

We released Tabula 2019.8.2 on Thursday 8 August 2019. This release includes:

  • A new feature: you can now produce a report of missed assessments from the Reports page. This includes submissions that are late or missing for assignments with a close date within the date range you specify.
  • Improvements
  • Security enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Further work on the upcoming Mitigating Circumstances functionality

Technical notes


  • [TAB-7448] - Right hand border of focus isn't visible when selecting link to return to homepage
  • [TAB-7449] - Left hand border of focus is clipped when selecting link in notification content
  • [TAB-7473] - improve performance of api endpoint "/v1/module/{module}/assignments/{assignment}"
  • [TAB-7484] - AJAX error reporting broken in IE11
  • [TAB-7493] - UpdateAttendanceNote logs note field as HTML object
  • [TAB-7501] - Freemarker eror(profile-export.ftl)
  • [TAB-7503] - Conservative CSP wasn't actually conservative and has broken functionality
  • [TAB-7506] - limit ajax error reporting to self
  • [TAB-7508] - Feedback/audit blows up for CM1 assignment
  • [TAB-7514] - incorrect UAMaudit dates for the auto generated emails

New Feature

  • [TAB-7421] - Missed Assessments Report


  • [TAB-7457] - Tidy up use of this in functions, preferring arrow functions and their arguments
  • [TAB-7492] - Include CSRF token: groups/admin/module/{modCode}/groups/edit/{grpId}/sits-students
  • [TAB-7494] - Include CSRF token: /reports/{department}/{academicYear}/groups/all/download.xlsx
  • [TAB-7495] - Include CSRF token: /coursework/admin/assignments/{assignment}/turnitin


  • [TAB-7154] - Investigate whether sysadmins can return to View by Student screen when overwriting points
  • [TAB-7155] - Load attendance note form in a modal when overwriting point data
  • [TAB-7245] - Update the 'Retrieve an assignment' API method to return the content of StudentAssignmentFeedback objects

Dev Tasks

  • [TAB-7489] - Restrictive Content-Security-Policy - stage 2 (enforcing, basic restrictions)
  • [TAB-7497] - Include CSRF token: /sysadmin/features
  • [TAB-7499] - Include CSRF token: /reports/{department}/{academicYear}/profiles/export/report
  • [TAB-7516] - Include CSRF token: /coursework/admin/assignments/{assignment}/upload-to-sits
  • [TAB-7517] - Include CSRF token: /exams/grids/{department}/{academicYear}/generate/import/skip
  • [TAB-7519] - Include CSRF token: /coursework/admin/assignments/{assignment}/submissionsandfeedback/mark-plagiarised
  • [TAB-7520] - Include CSRF token: /exams/grids/{department}/{academicYear}/generate/overcatting/{scyd}
  • [TAB-7521] - Include CSRF token: /profiles/department/{department}/{relationshipType}/allocate

Dev Sub-tasks

  • [TAB-7509] - AttendanceEditStudentsTest functional test failure
  • [TAB-7512] - DeleteAssignmentTest intermittent failures

Mitigating Circumstances

  • [TAB-7490] - Freemarker exception rendering sensitive evidence screen
  • [TAB-7491] - Exception removing a submission from a panel
  • [TAB-7496] - No word wrap on mitcircs details
  • [TAB-7498] - Show issue type free text when picking a related submission
  • [TAB-7502] - Add unread filter to mitcircs dept homepage
Wed 14 Aug 2019, 11:47