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Early-Stage Researcher Induction


The aim of the Early-Stage Researcher Induction Programme is to enable post-doctoral researchers who are at an early stage of their development, to identify the capabilities and knowledge needed to orientate themselves within, and navigate ways through, the research ecosystem.

The programme places the individual researcher at the heart of the programme, providing a space for participants to explore emergent identities and preferences as researchers, exploring topics that include academic publishing, research impact and funding, alongside planning and decision-making for professional and career development.

The programme aims to enable newer researchers to navigate the range of CPD available to them within and beyond the University. Participants will be supported to identify and prioritise their individual development needs alongside optional one-to one coaching sessions. A dedicated coach will meet with their coachee for one hour, for three sessions during the term.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for post-doctoral, early-stage researchers. This includes:

  • Post-doctoral researchers who are embarking on an academic career and may be new to the University.
  • Staff who are well-established at the University but may have paused their research interests for a time and are now interested in reigniting their engagement in research.
  • ‘Second-career’ researchers; staff who have had a previous professional career before embarking on an academic career, but who are at an early stage in their research development.

What are the intended learning outcomes of the programme?

The programme aims to equip participants with the ability to:

  • Reflect on, articulate, and plan for a preferred research career trajectory.
  • Access, and explore key policies and procedures relating to research culture, integrity and governance.
  • Recognise and enact leadership approaches that respect the dignity and development of others.
  • Evaluate own beliefs about, and experiences of, academic publishing.
  • Summarise policy developments shaping the research funding landscape in higher education.
  • Identify strategies for extending the reach of, and audiences for, research outcomes.
  • Identify strategies for generating research income.

What sessions will I attend?

The programme has been designed to build upon development in each session. Therefore, by booking on this programme you are committing to attend all 5 sessions.

Session 1 - Welcome and Orientation

Session 2 - My Research Trajectory

Session 3 - Leading and Influencing Research

Session 4 - Academic Publishing

Session 5 - Research Income and Impact

Programme Dates

  • Module 1: 26th January
  • Module 2: 2nd February
  • Module 3: 9th February
  • Module 4: 16th February
  • Module 5: 23rd February

All sessions will be held from 09:30 to 12:30 via Microsoft Teams

Fully Booked

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