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75771 & 75754

Further particulars 75771 & 75754

The responsibilities of the Faculty Teams are outlined below; the Research Support Manager will provide day-to-day management, delivery, and on-going development to each of these:

Pre Award Research Support

• Research costings, in line with University and funder rules and regulations;
• Liaison with partners, and co-ordination of partnership applications in large collaborative research applications
• Technical advice and guidance specific to the funder and/or funding call;
• Internal institutional approval via Department, Provost, Finance Director, or Steering Committee as appropriate;
• Re-submission, extension and/or amendment of existing awards when required;
• Accurate reporting of applications and awards within IDEATE (Research Management system) in a timely and effective fashion;
• Scrutiny of awarded grants prior to acceptance on behalf of the University;
• Advice and guidance to Senior Officers regarding proposed University investment on research grants, contractual terms & conditions, and other issues as may arise;
• Delivery of regular pre-award workshops and operational team meetings to research and finance support staff in all three faculties;
• Co-ordination & project management to large cross-faculty and cross-institution research proposals;
• Management of pre-to-post award handover, including development of new processes and procedures to support a more timely and effective approach;
• Re-negotiation of financial award with funders, when required.

Research Development

• Development of large, strategic research applications with academic departments, acting in this respect as an overall project manager, and ensuring that internal and external partners are working effectively towards funder requirements and deadlines. Further, inputting advice and guidance as regards the drafting of the application;
• Support to academic colleagues on the development, and agreement, of key industrial relationships, as these pertain to research. Working in this regard as the administrative contact point to external partners, negotiating matters such as price, intellectual property terms and other issues pertinent to a new collaborative research relationship;
• Work closely with researchers, as well as the management and administration of academic departments, research centres, other offices of the University’s administration, and administration officers of the Research Development and Research Support & Contracts Teams, as appropriate, on the preparation and submission of research proposals to UK, EU and international funding agencies. Contribute where appropriate to proposal content to ensure it conforms to the evaluation criteria of the appropriate funding agency,
• Develop internal (between researchers and departments within faculties, and between faculties) and external relationships and collaborations (with public, private and third sector funding bodies, research partners, users of research, other agencies and stakeholders).
• Be proactive and creative in sourcing and publicising funding opportunities to the University’s research active staff.
• Feed in to policy consultations and other University discussions of strategic importance to the future direction of research.
• Support the work of internal committees, boards and groups associated with the development of research strategy, externally-funded research initiatives and application review procedures.
• Manage and ensure the smooth running of internal review procedures for specific funding calls.

Research Contracts & Sponsorship

• University signatory for research and research related contracts of up £100,000 in value.
• Ensure the delivery of a professional, comprehensive and timely research contracts negotiation, advice and management service, to Academics, Administrative colleagues, and external sponsor of research. Including:
• Management of a specialist contracts service, which provides advice to staff with respect to complex legal and contractual issues, pre and post award, and which drafts, and negotiates contracts for research and research collaborations;
• Provision of advice and guidance to Senior Officers and Committees regarding the acceptability and risk management of contractual terms and conditions on research grant;
• Development of a formal risk-based methodology for agreeing terms in order to facilitate the timely negotiation and conclusion of contracts;
• Development and implementation of University policies in relation to all issues relating to research contracts;
• Ensuring that contract templates are reviewed on a regular basis and updated in line with any changes in legislation and/or policy;
• Review and approval of the University’s sponsorship

Staff Development

• Delivery of practitioner workshops, in key areas such as EU Funding, Cost Recovery, HESA Source of Funds, working in partnership with other senior Heads as required;
• Development of a comprehensive staff development programme, encompassing staff within the central teams but also applying to research support staff in departments, to ensure that internal processes and procedures keep pace with external funding, policy and regulatory changes;
• Highlighting any areas of non-compliance to the Head of Research Support & Contracts