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Alan Turing Institute welcomes Fellows from the University of Warwick

This autumn, the Alan Turing Institute has welcomed 19 new and ten returning Fellows from the University of Warwick. They join more than 250 new and returning Turing Fellows from across the UK as the Institute launches its third ever academic year.

For the first time, this new cohort of Fellows is drawn from 11 universities around the UK, following the expansion of the Institute’s university network from its five founding university partners to 13 earlier this year. Turing Fellows from the University of Bristol and the University of Southampton will join the research community slightly later to reflect the later time at which they joined the Institute network.

The Institute will also launch more than 50 new research projects in the coming months

Turing Fellows from the University of Warwick are listed below:

New Fellows

Name Department
Julia Brettshneider Statistics
Michael Castelle CIM
Xuan Vinh Doan WBS
Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu Computer Science
Frances Griffiths WMS
Nathan Griffiths Computer Science
Stefan Grosskinsky Mathematics
Paul Jenkins Computer Science/Statistics
Arzu Kibris Politics and International Studies
Greg McInerny CIM
Giovanni Montana WMG
Irene Ng WMG
Deepak Parashar WMS
Murray Pollock Statistics

Joao Porto de Albuquerque

Gareth Roberts Statistics
Adam Sanborn Psychology
Arne Strauss WBS
Paolo Turrini Computer Science

Returning Fellows

Name Department
Graham Cormode Computer Science
Theo Damoulas Computer Science/Statistics
Saul Jacka Statistics
David Firth Statistics
Maria Liakata Computer Science
Chenlei Leng Statistics
Suzy Moat WBS
Tobias Preis WBS
Rob Procter Computer Science
Jim Smith Statistics
Sebastian Vollmer Mathematics/Statistics

Existing Fellows

Name Department
Johnathan Cave Economics
Suhaib Fahmy Engineering
Weisi Guo Engineering
Thomas Hill Pyschology
Adam Johansen Statistics
Wilfrid Kendall Statistics
Ioannis Kosmidis Statistics
Robert MacKay Mathematics
Carsten Maple WMG
Aleksandar Mijatović Statistics
Nasir Rajpoot Computer Science
Filip Rindler Mathematics
Neil Stewart WBS
Peter Triantafillou Computer Science
Emma Uprichard CIM


Further information about the latest intake of Fellow can be found on the Alan Turing Institute website.