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Warwick Policy Fellows

Policy Fellowships

The Warwick Policy Hub Fellowships are intended as an opportunity to build a network of impactful policy makers and Warwick researchers focused on addressing the policy challenges of our time.

Policy Fellow Nomination form

Please see our Policy Fellow nomination form to nominate a fellow and host.

What are the benefits of becoming a Policy Fellow?

  • These fellowships will offer access to a network of researchers and fellow policy makers connected through Warwick Policy Hub.
  • Policy Fellows will receive an honorary status and will be profiled on the Policy Hub website.
  • Policy Fellows will be invited to attend and contribute to the Policy Hub’s varied programme of events. This will include an annual Policy Fellows Dinner (to be held in the summer term).
  • These fellowships will provide opportunities to network and develop future policy engagement projects.

How are Policy Fellows appointed?

  • Policy Fellows can be nominated and proposed by University of Warwick researchers or knowledge mobilisers.
  • Policy Fellows will have a Warwick Policy Host, who will normally be the person who proposes them. This host will be expected to present plans for how the fellow will connect with them and their work/the work of colleagues. These fellowships are not intended to be burdensome and can be as light as inviting said fellow to contribute to a policy engagement event, stream of work or networking lunch. That said there must be some plan to integrate the fellow into the broader policy hub network. Funding to support this activity will be available up to £1,000. Funding requests can be included in the Policy Fellow nomination form.
  • Final decisions regarding the appointment of Policy Fellows will be decided by the ESRC IAA Management Committee.

What are the benefits of hosting a Policy Fellow?

  • This is an opportunity to host an impactful policymaker or person involved in activity that influences policy at the regional, national or international levels.
  • The Warwick Policy Hub network will provide a locus for you to develop this relationship and host your fellow so that you can build a meaningful policy relationship.
  • This relationship can be utilised to develop and enhance your own work and the translation of your research to affect real policy change.

Meet Our Policy Fellows

Coming soon.