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A Showcase of Warwick's European Research Awards


The European Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation are the European Union’s main instruments for delivering its scientific and innovation policy. Horizon Europe is currently the largest of the Framework Programmes as well as the largest research and innovation programme in the world, worth €95.5 Bil, and runs from 2021-2027. Horizon Europe was preceded by Horizon 2020 (€80 Bil) between 2014-2020 and by FP7 (€50 Bil) between 2007-2013.

The University of Warwick is a major recipient of EU funding for research and innovation, having secured approximately €38 Mil so far from Horizon Europe, €117 Mil from Horizon 2020 and €86 Mil from FP7.

On this page you can view selected case studies of University of Warwick awards won across the current and past two Framework Programmes and find out more about the awards’ wider impact.