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Web Profile Pages

Photo, Contact Details, Homepage, Research Interests, Biography, Research Groups, are sourced from Ideate and can be updated from your Ideate My User Profile.

Research Projects – these are sourced from Ideate – any Awarded research proposals on which you are named will display automatically on your web page.

  • When you sign off a research project at FP14a, you can edit the Project Title (to ensure that this displays correctly on your web page). This can be done at PI Sign Off in the Project Details tab.
  • When you accept a research project at FP14b, you can indicate whether you wish a project to be displayed publicly (i.e. on your web page). This is done at PI Acceptance in the Certifications tab with the question: 'Can information about this project be made publicly available and displayed on the University's web pages?'

You can view a full list of your Research Proposals by clicking on 'Home'. Further information on how to use this list can be found here. If you require any changes to be made to this information, then please contact researchops at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Publications – All publications should now be uploaded to WRAP or the Publications Service. Once added to the Publications Service and approved, the publication will be uploaded automatically to Ideate and display on your web page.

You can view a full list of your publications by clicking on 'Home' and then selecting ‘Research Outputs’ from the Subject drop down.