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Research Fingerprinting: helping you to identify funding opportunities

Research Professional is an online source of research funding opportunities in the UK, Europe and overseas, based on thousands of open calls for all disciplines from over 8,000 funders, along with research news including international research policy and practice news.

Any Warwick-based member can browse the content of and create customised searches; whilst those who register with the site can save searches, set-up alerts, share information with colleagues and subscribe to online research funding and HE news publications. The University of Warwick subscribes to Research Professional and has access to all these services along with their latest funding resource development called *Research Fingerprinting - a service to identify tailored research funding opportunities for academics.

How can Research Fingerprinting help with funding opportunities?

*Research Fingerprinting aims to deliver highly relevant funding opportunities as email alerts which are sent out to researchers every Friday.

Publicly available information about your research and published work on the University's website is used to create a list of keywords to generate alerts on funding opportunities specific your research profile. As the alerts are personal to yourself, it is called ‘Fingerprinting’.

As a registered member of Researchprofessional you will have access to the keywords and can choose to include or exclude keywords depending on their relevance to your research.

Fingerprinting: Keyword terms illustrated

Further Information

R&IS ResearchProfessional resource section