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Am I eligible to apply?

All fully-registered Warwick undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a URSS bursary. Erasmus students and students on other exchange trips are not eligible to apply (please check your status with Student Records).

Final year students are eligible to apply however, it is important to note that commitment to the scheme will run beyond your graduation. This can add additional complications, in particular for IT, building and Library access, as you will no longer be classed as a full member of the University after your graduation.

If you have participated in URSS previously you are welcome to apply again, but you must be clear about what you will gain from being granted further funding, as this will be taken into account in the scoring process.


Application timeline

  • Application open - Monday 6 November 2017
  • Christmas Vacation - Saturday 9 December 2017
  • Spring Term Starts - Monday 8 January 2018
  • URSS drop in – Wednesday 8 November 3-4pm – Oculus, 1st floor
  • Applications close - Friday 26 January 2018
  • Review Board - Week 10 Mon 12 March
  • Outcome communicated to applicants - by end of week 10

How do I apply?

The URSS does NOT arrange projects for you. You will need to come up with a research project and find a supervisor who is willing to support your project. The application should be completed with your supervisor.

  • Once you have come up with a particular area of interest approach relevant members of staff who have an interest in that area about the possibility of developing a project.
  • If you have a broader range of interests, talk to your tutors and lecturers to see if they are looking for or of anyone who is looking for a student to work on a URSS project.
  • URSS projects can be carried out as part of a group either within one department, or across departments. Agree with the members of staff involved who will be the named lead supervisor. Each student within the group will need to submit a separate application with their lead supervisor.

Applying for a group project does not guarantee that all members of the group will have successful applications. You must consider the implications if one/some of you are unsuccessful.

This year, the URSS application consists of one form with 3 parts. Part 1 should be completed by the applicant; part 2 should be completed by the lead supervisor; and part 3 should be completed jointly.

My biggest surprise about taking part in the URSS was the range of opportunities opening up for the future research.

- Nikita Khodkov, Economics
Nikita's experience