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Bursary Recipient Information - Summer 2019

Process for payment of bursary

1) Offer of place: Please provide proof that you have been accepted/secured tickets to attend your chosen activity that you have been awarded the bursary for (e-mail from host organisation or confirmation e-mail confirming place secured). Upload to student folder in your name on the M drive located here (M:\RE\SA201819). Details on how to access this here

2) Payment of bursary: Once you have confirmed that you have been accepted on to your chosen activity, you need to register your bank details with us in order for the bursary to be paid to you. Details on how to do this here

ยท Terms of payment: E-mail to receive Terms of Payment which you will need to complete and return which confirms that if you are unable to attend the activity for any reason that you will be responsible for returning the full amount of the bursary to the University of Warwick.

3) Receive your bursary payment: If steps 1 & 2 are successfully completed you shall receive the sum agreed in your confirmation e-mail in to your bank account within 10 working days from the date of payment processing.

4) Provide receipts for bursary spend: You must save copies of your receipts/invoices to your student folder on the M drive for the following:

  • activity admission/tuition/registration fees
  • accommodation during the activity period
  • travel costs (return flights and associated transport costs, e.g. airport transfers)

Details on how to record this here . This must amount to or exceed the total you were awarded for the bursary.

Steps 1-3 must be completed by no later than Wednesday 19 June 2019.
Step 4 must be completed by no later than Friday 2 August 2019.

Keeping in touch with us and marketing your international activity

By applying for this bursary, you agreed to prepare an A3 poster to be submitted in to the Short Term Study Abroad Poster Competition. Each poster must summarise what you did and what you gained from your short term study abroad experience and shall be showcased in University House during Autumn Term 2019.

In preparation for this, make sure that you take lots of photos and keep some notes/blog posts as you enjoy your experience so you remember everything you are experiencing. Some top tips of things to note down for including in your poster are here!