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Year Abroad Funding - 2022/23

We have recently received confirmation of funding available from the UK Government and the European Commission.

We are pleased to be able to provide funding support to most year abroad students this year.

  • All full year (1 year long placement) and semester 1 placements will receive some funding support.
  • Students funded through Erasmus+ will receive up to 4 months funding for a 1 semester placement and up to 8 months funding for a full year placement.
  • Please check the below flowchart to see whether you need to apply for Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme funding.
  • You can apply for funding once you have arrived in your host country for your placement.
  • Please note there are different forms and processes to be followed depending on whether you are applying through Erasmus+ or Turing.

Am I eligible for Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme funding?

Full year abroad or semester 1 placement (study and work)

Semester 2 placements (study and work)

What can be funded in 2022/23

There have been significant restrictions on funding received through the Turing Scheme this year and no top up of Erasmus+ funds which means we are not able to offer funding to all students.

Study Placements

  • Funding is available for all year or semester abroad study placements in 2022/23 either through the Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme.

Work Placements

  • Funding is available to students undertaking a WORK placement outside of the UK either for the full year or semester 1 (Autumn Term).
  • Funding is only available for students undertaking WORK placements in semester 2 (Spring/Summer Term) if they have been taking place in Europe for at least 2 months by 31 May 2023. Work placements in Europe must have been started by 20 March 2023 in order to receive funding support through Erasmus+.
  • No funding is available for semester 2 WORK placements outside of Europe.
  • No funding is available for recent graduate work placements in 2022/23.

How to Apply

Please note the process and forms required when applying for Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme funding are different.


If you have any questions about applying for funding to support your year abroad, please log on to one of the MS Teams sessions which take place on weekdays. Details are listed on the front page of the Student Mobility websiteLink opens in a new window.