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While you're away

Stay connected with Warwick

During your time overseas, we will email your Warwick email address.

If you need to connect with us, you can via email or the Study Abroad facebook group.

Study Abroad Ambassadors

At Warwick, exchange agreements are reciprocal. To keep the exchange active we need your help in promoting the university. This can be through partaking in presentations, talking to your fellow students/colleagues or being part of your host universities Study Abroad Fair. We will be able to provide you with promotional material for this - please contact us. Your representation is important, to ensure that future students will receive the same opportunities that you have.

Important contacts

During your travels, you should ensure that you travel with contact information for the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in your host country. You should also have written numbers of the host Study Abroad office, Accommodation Office and/or Academic Mentor. If you have booked private accommodation, you should also travel with this information.