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Student Mobility Tool

You may find the video below useful to complete your study or work application. Please also see our Student Mobility FAQsLink opens in a new window for further information. If you have any further queries then please contact either your department or the Student Mobility Team.

IMPORTANT: Please note that once you have submitted your application it does not guarantee you a place and will be subject to availability. The Partner institution will contact you directly to confirm your place.

Please consider the following before you submit your application:

  • The financial cost of your Year Abroad preferences;
  • Consulted the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for your Year Abroad preference country(s);
  • Researched the support services on offer for disability and accessibility in your Year Abroad preferred location(s);
  • Checked whether there are any language level requirements for your preferred location(s);
  • Researched accommodation options for your Year Abroad preferences;
  • Cultural attitudes towards protected characteristics (e.g LGBTUA+) in your Year Abroad location(s);
  • Cultural customs and laws in your preferred location(s);
  • If you are applying to study/work in two locations please ensure the academic calendar of the proposed universities permit this and do not overlap.