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Student Mobility FORMS

ERASMUS+ Mobility FORMSLink opens in a new window

IMPORTANT ERASMUS INFORMATIONLink opens in a new window Please read carefully

Erasmus+ students are required to upload specific forms to secure eligibility for the Erasmus+ Grant, if you upload all of those forms listed in a timely manner you will ensure that you are not risking your Erasmus+ grant at anytime.

If you fail to upload the relevant documents or breach any of the terms outlined, then you risk your grant payment being recalled.

  • ensure that you complete the forms in full and accurately. If the forms are uploaded to us incomplete or with errors this may delay your grant payment.
  • some forms have key deadlines make sure you are aware of these and timelines for signatures
  • help us process your forms quickly and efficiently, check your forms carefully

For details on how to upload to e-Vision click here

If your plans have changed please inform us hereLink opens in a new window


You shall be required to complete the following documents:

Before you travel

1) Risk AssessmentLink opens in a new window (to be uploaded to the 'Documents' section of eVision)

For details on how to upload to e-Vision click here

Upon arrival at your placement


[note this process is different to Erasmus+]

Please note:

Your STUDY placement must be at least 3 FULL months in duration to retain Erasmus+ eligibility

Your WORK placement must be at least 2 FULL months in duration to retain Erasmus+ eligibility

The maximum duration that we can pay for an Erasmus+ placement can vary but will never exceed 10 months

We have drafted a form which you might wish to use to help with your financial planning. This form has been designed for personal use of University of Warwick students to help with financial planning for Study Abroad. It is not exhaustive and the Study Abroad Team may not be held liable for any costs not included. Please click to download

Planning your finance for studying abroad

Please use when completing the Study Abroad forms. Start typing subject name in 'find a code' box and drop down list of codes will appear.

Find EU Subject Code

Students on a placement in Europe (excluding Switzerland) are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant. This is dependent on how long your placement is and approval by your department. This grant is from the British Council and European Commission.

For full details of the monthly grant allowances for Erasmus Study Abroad Students,academic years 2021/2022, see Erasmus+ Student Mobility Grant Rates

If you would like the Student Finance Team to pass your information to the SLC for a 'Household Income Check' (income below £25,000.00) please complete the Erasmus Household Income Check form

Closing date for responses is 30 September 2020

The Erasmus grant will be received from the British Council in two payment instalments: 70% in the Autumn and 30% in the Summer.

Payments will be made to Erasmus+ students to reflect this:

  • 70% after you've arrived at your placement, upon submission of the Arrival Placement Plan. Please ntoe the money usually will not reach you before November
  • 30% after you've completed your placement, upon submissions of the Completion Placement Plan submission

Please note: late forms will result in a lower payment, and no payment will be made if no forms are completed.

Remember that the University of Warwick will pay a maximum of 9 months grant allowance in the initial grant instalment and no more than 10 months in total for the full year

You can view further information regarding the Erasmus+ grant on the British Council website.