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Emotional & Health issues

Asking for help shows insight and reflection. Whatever situation you are facing, we encourage you to be pro-active about seeking support and advice, so that you can hopefully quickly get back on track.

If you have queries about how a personal, family or external situation is affecting you emotionally, please get in touch with Student Support. We can advise by email, phone or set up an appointment to meet with you.

You may be concerned about disclosing an issue to a member of staff and worry this may be seen negatively or that they may be labelled in an unhelpful way or passed to other departments. However, the team is made up of professionals who work to support students in a non-judgemental manner. Personal information discussed in sessions is confidential. Sharing certain information with other professionals or departments may be helpful in providing the best possible support for a student. In such a situation, what is communicated and to whom will be agreed with you beforehand. In exceptional circumstances, for example where there may be an immediate risk of harm, it may be necessary to pass on information to other professionals, on a need to know basis, without your explicit consent.

If you are concerned about bullying/harassment please have a look at the various options under the university's Dignity at Warwick policy.

Who else might be able to help?