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Information for Staff

Mitigating Circumstances

Staff in Wellbeing Support Services can help students who are submitting mitigating circumstances in two ways:

  1. Students can access our services for support in relation to the circumstances e.g. support following a crime, or support with their psychological and emotional wellbeing.
  2. If the student has already been engaging with our services, staff may be able to provide supporting statements in relation to the mitigating circumstances. Students should contact the staff they have met to discuss this.

If a student isn’t already known to Wellbeing Support Services, we advise that they seek a supporting statement from other professionals from whom they have been seeking support e.g. GP, Police report etc.

Disability Services

In accordance with the University's policy, ongoing difficulties relating to a disability do not form grounds for mitigating circumstances, if reasonable adjustments have been implemented to minimise the impact of those difficulties. Nevertheless, Disability Services can support students with any additional mitigating circumstances relating to a disability that have not already been addressed by reasonable adjustments and are impacting on their academic engagement. Disability Services can also support students with disabilities with any additional mitigating circumstances that have not already been addressed by reasonable adjustments.

Counselling Service

If a student has been making use of the Counselling Service and it is apparent that the emotional/psychological disturbance is impacting on their capacity to perform to their academic potential, the counsellor working with the particular student may be able to write a statement to validate the student's request that their emotional/psychological circumstances be taken into consideration (for example when considering a request for an extension to a hand-in date or in the grading of an exam mark).

  • If you or the student feel there is a valid claim for mitigating circumstances to be considered, it is important to consider these points:
  • If a student is currently engaged in counselling at the time of requiring a Mitigating Circumstances Statement, encourage the student to discuss the situation with the counsellor at the start of their next counselling appointment to allow time in their appointment to discuss their request.If the student has worked with a counsellor previously, however is not currently engaged in sessions, they could consider emailing the service to request a Mitigating Circumstances Statement – remembering that it is is generally not possible for the Counsellor to comment on their situation if they were not engaged in counselling during the time they wish to have mitigation applied e.g. if they attended in Year 1 and are now a finalist Statments supporting mitigation from the University Counselling Service should be as contemporaneous as possible.

  • If the student has not engaged with the Counselling Service previously, booking a session for the sole purpose of gaining a Mitigating Circumstances Statement is not appropriate and should not be advised. Remind students that statements can take up to10 days to process.

  • It is hoped that the process of mitigating circumstances is meaningful, equitable and straightforward for all concerned.