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Meet the team

Wellbeing Support Team 

Wellbeing Support Team

l-r : Siobhan McDonald (Wellbeing Adviser); Janet Winter (Wellbeing Adviser); Penny Cowie (Wellbeing Adviser); Sarah Bell (Wellbeing Adviser); John Field (WSS Receptionist and Administrator); Annunziata Videtta (Project Manager (Respect)); Adam Miller (Deputy Head of Wellbeing Support); Esther Meininger (Head of Wellbeing Support)

We offer advice and support to a wide range of students. Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate; home or international – if there is something troubling you, or hindering you from focusing on your studies, please come and talk to us.

You can come to the Wellbeing Support office to speak with someone confidentially* about issues which concern you.

We will offer help and guidance, and if appropriate, signpost you to more specialist services within the University or externally.

The issues may be:

practical - for example, difficulties with accommodation or finances

emotional - family difficulties, homesickness, support through a disciplinary process

health-related - concerns about your mental or physical health, or that of another member of the University community

safety-related - concerns about security, harassment

We offer help and advice on these and many other issues. You are welcome to use our office as a first port of call. Whether you feel the issue is big or small, if it is affecting you, it’s best to talk to someone about it. It may be as simple as talking to your personal tutor, or it may be more complex and require specialist support from several different services.

The adviser was extremely understanding and made me
feel valued. She helped me through my emotions and guided me to support and
help. I cannot thank this service enough - anonymous feedback

* Please see our Confidentiality Statement for further information about how your information is used.

You can contact the Wellbeing Support team by telephoning
024 7657 5570 or emailing wellbeing at warwick dot ac dot uk.