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Meet the Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team consists of a Wellbeing Coordinator, Faculty Outreach Wellbeing Advisers and a Library Outreach Wellbeing Adviser. 

Sarah Bell - Wellbeing Coordinator

Penny Cowie - Faculty Outreach Wellbeing Adviser for the Social Sciences Faculty

Adam Miller - Faculty Outreach Wellbeing Adviser for the Arts Faculty & Cross Faculty Studies

Rebecca Habberley - Faculty Outreach Wellbeing Adviser for the Sciences & Medicine Faculties

Janet Winter - Library Outreach Wellbeing Adviser

Siobhan McDonald - Library Outreach Wellbeing Adviser


The Wellbeing Team aims to offer and provide support and advice to students and promote wellbeing in a range of settings and in a variety of ways.

Support from Wellbeing Advisors

Wellbeing Advice Lounge promotional events in departments and at the library

The Wellbeing Advice Lounge is a promotional wellbeing event, run by a wellbeing adviser, in a prominent location within the departments to offer informal information, advice and wellbeing tips. The Wellbeing Advice Lounge will also be located within other parts of the university including the library.

An Introduction to Living Well at Warwick workshop

This is an hour-long session, facilitated by one of the Outreach Wellbeing Advisers, aimed at

supporting students to explore their wellbeing and develop strategies for managing their wellbeing more effectively.

Advice and information from the Wellbeing Advisers

Each faculty has a named adviser to contact for advice and information surrounding student wellbeing.

Individual student appointments with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

Some students benefit from a 1:1 meeting. These appointments are available throughout the academic year. Students can request an appointment by completing an online registration form.

An initial 15 minute telephone appointment will determine their most appropriate next steps and what support they will receive from the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team. 

Students requesting support with mitigating circumstances or reasonable adjustments relating to their mental health will need to request an appointment with a Mental Health Coordinator.