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Don't be alone this holiday

On Campus?

If you are staying on or near campus over Christmas, there are a range of events and activities that provide an opportunity to meet with others who may also be alone, or simply enjoy the event itself. Have a look at the links below:

Christmas on Campus Includes details of outlet and other campus service opening times.

Please remember that the Chaplaincy will be open to all students and staff with valid University ID cards from 9am to 10pm each day in the vacation (including bank holidays). Over the December vacation ‘The Student Lounge’ will feature board games and other activities to use, and a TV and DVD player and library of DVDs, for film watching together. The kitchen will be stocked with fresh milk for hot drinks and bread to make toast.

Volunteering opportunities

Crisis at Christmas is a unique volunteer effort that provides immediate help for homeless people at a critical time of year. By volunteering with Crisis this Christmas you can make a real difference to people experiencing homelessness and ensure that they (and you) don’t spend Christmas alone.

Warwick Volunteers also have Christmas Volunteering Opportunities:


If you’re alone at Christmas and are feeling overwhelmed there are a number of services that you can reach out to for support:

Stand Alone

Stand Alone is a charity that helps people of all ages that become estranged from their family or key family member. See the following festive guide:- . Sign up to the Regional Students Stand Alone Facebook Group and keep connected to other students in the region who are also spending the Christmas on their own.

Mental Health Support

If you need support during a mental health or wellbeing crisis, the Mental Health Team and Wellbeing Support Team advise what to do in a crisis.

The Mental Health Foundation has a great list of tips for looking after your own mental health at this time of year.

Wellbeing Support Services Christmas Vacation

CLOSES from: Friday 21st December 2018

OPEN from: Wednesday 2nd January 2019