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Study Abroad Funding

Tuition Fee Loan

For the most up-to-date information about your tuition fees relating to study abroad, please visit the University's Student Finance Undergraduate Intercalated Year or Study Abroad page. Tuition fees are paid directly to Warwick, not your host University. You may be required to pay some additional costs to your host University as outlined in the Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Eligible students will still be able to apply and access a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England to cover this cost.

If you have any queries about study abroad tuition fees, please see the University's Student Finance (FAQs) If your queries are not answered by the FAQs, you can contact the University's Student Finance team directly instead (University of Warwick Student Finance Team Contact Details).

If you are only studying abroad for a semester, you should contact the University Student Finance Team and Student Finance England directly to check how much your tuition fees will be and how much tuition fee loan you can take.

Maintenance Loan

If you are studying abroad for at least the majority of a term, you may qualify for the year abroad rate of maintenance loan. This might be slightly higher than the level of maintenance loan you get when studying at Warwick. Your loan entitlement will still depend on your household income with the maximum available being £11,427 (for 2023-24). You will be required to submit relevant documentation to Student Finance England to prove your placement is unpaid.

Contact Student Finance England directly to find out how much maintenance loan you could be eligible for.

For the most up-to-date information, please see the University's Student Mobility Study or Work Abroad page and/or their Study or Work Abroad FAQs.

If you have any Study Abroad related questions, you can Contact the Student Mobility Team.

Erasmus+ Funding and Turing Scheme 2022-23

Students undertaking a study year abroad in 2022-23 may be eligible for funding support through the Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme. For more information (including how to apply) check out Student Mobility's Year Abroad Funding 2022-23 webpage.

Plans for funding for 2023-24 have not yet been finalised.

Travel Grant

You may be eligible for a Travel Grant from Student Finance England to contribute towards some the travel costs associated with your study abroad. You will need to meet certain eligibility criteria (e.g., studying abroad for 50% or more of a term). The amount of grant you could be eligible for will depend on your household income and you will be expected to pay a certain amount/proportion of your costs yourself. For more information about eligibility and how to apply, see Student Finance England's webpage Studying Abroad: Travel Grants for Students (England).

Students receiving Turing Scheme funding may be eligible for support with their travel costs via the scheme itself. These students would then not be eligible for the Student Finance England grant.

The Warwick Bursary

Students who meet all of the eligibility criteria for a Warwick Bursary will still be eligible to receive this whilst on their study abroad. Students do not need to apply for the Warwick Bursary (unless they attended an independent school for their sixth form education) as Student Funding Support are automatically notified by Student Finance England of students who may be eligible. Student Funding Support check the identified students' eligibility and approve those that meet the criteria. For further information regarding the eligibility criteria and payments, see our Warwick Bursary webpage.

Study Abroad Tuition Fee Waiver

Students who started at Warwick in the academic year 2016/17 or later and who receive Erasmus+ or Turing funding while studying abroad may be eligible for a Tuition Fee Waiver. Students need to meet certain eligibility criteria to receive this (e.g., undertaking a full study year abroad, be a Warwick Bursary holder etc). Students do not need to apply for this fee waiver and eligible students will be notified directly. The amount of waiver that a student is eligible for, depends on their household income as assessed by Student Finance England:

Household Income (As assessed by Student Finance England) Study Abroad Fee Waiver Amount
Less than or equal to £25,000 Full amount of fees charged for the Erasmus/Turing year
Between £25,001 and £35,000 £650 contribution
Please note, even if you think that you may be eligible for a Study Abroad Tuition Fee Waiver, you should still apply and take out your full tuition fee loan entitlement as Study Abroad Tuition Fee Waivers are processed in mid-term one. If you are eligible for a Study Abroad Tuition Fee Waiver then the University will contact Student Finance England directly to correct the amount of tuition fee loan you require for that year.

Managing Money on Your Year Abroad

  • Check out our useful information sheet about Managing Money On Your Study Abroad Year for further guidance on financial factors to consider. This information sheet includes a helpful basic budget planner.

Financial Difficulty

If you find yourself in financial difficulty whilst on your study abroad placement you can still access support from Student Funding Support and the wider University.