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CFT for Perfectionism

  • This group is suitable for students whose high expectations of themselves might be leading to distress, from self-criticism, shame or procrastination
  • CFT is a model of psychotherapy based on the ideas that suffering and distress are universal human experiences, shaped both by both our evolutionary and personal histories, and that the best way to alleviate this distress is to pay attention and engage with it, rather than turning away or trying to bury it. Evidence shows that it is an effective form of therapy and that practising compassion is linked with positive wellbeing.
  • The group introduces theory, resources and techniques from CFT, to help you notice your existing ways of thinking and behaving which might be contributing to distress. It provides a space for developing alternative ways which might be more helpful, so that you can achieve your goals with less distress. As well as looking at the ideas behind CFT, there will be a large experiential aspect to the group, with plenty of opportunity for discussion of how the theory relates to your own and others’ experiences
  • This is a weekly ‘in person’ therapy group run over 8 consecutive weeks, for students at any stage of their education. Each session will last for 1.5 hours and attendance is required at every session. The group will be facilitated by psychological therapists and based at Wellbeing and Student Support at Senate House
  • Students interested in this group should discuss this in a brief consultationLink opens in a new window, or if appropriate with the person they are currently working with e.g. Psychological therapist, Wellbeing Advisor, mentor etc. They may then be offered a one-to-one pre-group session with a group facilitator to decide whether it is a suitable option.
  • This group begin in term 1 and will take place on a Thursday at 5pm-6:30pm.